Chama, Oscar and Maureen (Fall 2011)

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. How are you doing? We hope your are good and full of God’s blessings. We are fine and the Lord has been so gracious to us and to our ministry to the orphans.

Orphan Angel's Team on the go!

It was great visiting the US after ten years and for the first time with my wife. We both enjoyed visiting our faithful supporters and partners in ministry to the orphans, as well as meeting our new partners in Christ. We thank God for the people we met who were able to join us through their financial and prayer support. We need support if we are going to continue helping the hundreds of orphans in Zambia.

My wife and I led a team of American teenagers to Zambia. Our team was called “Orphan Angels I”. We went to the remote parts of Zambia to share the good news of Christ with the unreached villagers. We had nine team members and five leaders. Teen Missions Zambia had 13 motorbikes for our team. We took a two- day trip with the bikes and a truck carrying our food, tents and bags. We stayed in the bush for two weeks going through the villages, sharing Christ’s love. Some of the villages we went to were so remote, no vehicle has ever been there. We were riding our bikes through small, narrow and winding pathways.

Orphan Angel's having fun

During our two weeks we were able to share Christ to more than a thousand people and 808 people accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior! Please pray that these people would grow in their faith. We praise God for the Orphan Angel team and their sacrifices in making sure people know Christ. To the Orphan Angels team, God bless you and stay strong in the Lord.

On our way back to the Teen Missions base, we came across a boy by the name of Bruce, age 10. I noticed that his arm was broken. When I inquired what happened, I discovered that he broke his arm four days earlier and had no one to help him. I asked if he had parents and I was told that his father died years ago and he had a mother. When the mother came, she told me she had no money and no one to help her take the child to the hospital. We took him with us and the x-ray showed that the bone was completely broken and had moved to the side. We praise God his bone was set back in place and he is doing better. Please pray for Bruce, that he will be healed completely. Many kids like Bruce in the rural parts of Zambia go through problems like this and more. When no one helps, the children die; others are permanently affected with something that could have been easily treated.


Our girls, Tehilla and Chimwemwe (Joy), are doing fine and the Lord has been so gracious to them and us. Tehillah is now seven years old and Chimwemwe is four years old. Tehillah is in third grade while Chimwemwe is in preschool. The girls have been doing very well in school and we praise God for them. They are a great blessing to us.

We would ask you to pray for God to provide their school fees, which is $250 dollars per term (3 months). So far, during a year’s time, we need to raise $750 for their schooling. We praise God that this year has been paid for, but next year we have nothing. If you want to help us pay for our children’s schooling, please send your donations to Teen Missions with a note stated that the funding is for Chama’s education fund. We will be very grateful for any help.

This coming December, my wife and I will be running two Boot Camps, Lord willing. These will be Orphan Boot Camps and only orphans from our Rescue Units and other orphan centers. A total of 360 orphans will be involved in this year’s camp. They will be taught block-laying and other skills, but most of all the Word of God will be taught. The kids will also be taught how to evangelize to others. We will put them on teams, sending them to needy areas to be a blessing to others while they put their skills to work.

Tehillah & Chimwemwe

Please pray that these camps will be successful. We are also praying for our monthly support to grow up to $250 per month.

We thank you for all the support you have given over the years which has enabled us to continue our ministry to the orphans. Hundreds of orphans have been helped and hundreds more are being helped each day.

Thank you and may God richly bless you and your family!

Oscar, Maureen, Tehillah & Chimwemwe Chama James 1:27


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