Chimbila, Nelson and Maggie (Fall 2011)

Nelson & Maggie

Greetings from Zambia, the real Africa.

A lot has been happening here in Zambia. I would like to share with you what we have been doing from April until now. In April I went to Lufwanyama District to run a Boot Camp in Wangibesha. It is a new Unit location for Aids Orphans and Street Children. We had three Boot Camp teams and they all came from our Orphan Rescue Units.

A Second Child: On April 29th, a second child was born to our family. His name is Praise and slowly our family is growing. We are thankful to the Lord who has kept us in good health.

Congo Boot Camp: This year I went to Congo in Lubumbashi to run a Boot Camp. We had three teams and all the teams worked at the Bible School during their projects. The teams also took turns going for evangelism and ministry outreaches. This year we were authorized to register Teen Missions International in Congo. That is a blessing to us and to the Congolise. We have taken the first step and when I go back we will conclude the process of registration.

Preparing for Boot Camp

Praise Item: I would like to thank everyone who contributed to our daughter’s school fund. As of right now the money is still in the US, but it will get to us soon. Next year in January, Promise goes to school at “God is Able.” We will be paying $100 per term and $50 per month for transport. These are the major costs, but there are other minor costs which are easily affordable.

Mansa Boot Camp: This year we concluded our year by going to Mansa, in Luapula Province, to run a Boot Camp. There is no Bible School in Luapila, so those who feel called have to travel long distances to the Copperbelt or Lusaka for their training. A good number have come to the BiBle, Missionary & Work Training Center in Ndola, but currently we can only accept four people from the Mansa location because there are many who are interested in attending from each of our Boot Camps.

Boot Camp 2011

This term I’m teaching Biblical Counseling and we have 29 students in class. I’m enjoying my class and the students have a lot of questions about counseling.

In closing we want to thank you for your support and prayers. May the Lord continue blessing you!

Love in Christ, Nelson, Maggie, Promise & Praise Chimibla


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