Kabwata, Thomas and Jackie (Fall 2011)

Kabwata Family

Dear Friends and Family,

It’s so wonderful to know that we serve a faithful, awesome and wonderful God. He encourages, sustains and restores our lives so we find grace to continue serving Him.

Some of you have been hearing from us, but for others, it’s been a while. Well it’s amazing how time flies here in Zambia. The past few months Thomas had been so busy with our base projects, especially working on the motorbikes for our summer teams. When the teams arrived, he was training the teens and helping them get acquainted with the Zambian roads. He also traveled with the teams to their rural destinations, taking them to their project sights. He continues to teach B.M.W. classes and is currently teaching Missions II. He also works on our chicken project, running one of our biggest income supporters for the BMW. Everyday Thomas picks eggs, cleans eggs and then sells the eggs.

Zambia Boot Camp 2011

I continue to help in the office doing payroll, filing and our correspondence. Teaching also keeps me very busy. This term I am teaching Spiritual Life and it has been very interesting.

Boot Camp is just around the corner and Thomas is helping to coordinate the early Boot Camp. I run our kitchen and teach classes. I am also leading a team. We are almost ready to release our forms to start registrations. Wow!!! During this Boot Camp we really need your prayers.

Our big family is so healthy and says thank-you for your support in helping us to extend our house. Now we can share one home as a family. Previously, our teenage daughter used to share a room with the BMW students, but that’s in the past and God has richly blessed us.

Motorcycles for Sunday School Missions

Nema is 15 years now and is doing well. She writes her Junior High School exams in November. Jessica is also in school now. We appreciate the support they are getting to pay school fees. It wouldn’t be possible to send our children to school without your support. Thank-you once again for the seeds of love you’ve sown in our lives and for helping to lighten our burdens. Timothy is 18 months now and he is a bundle of energy. He is learning all the words his big sisters are saying and is even praying, but no one understands the words (I guess it’s in tongues).

We can’t thank-you enough for the help and support we continue to receive from you. Your prayers are mostly appreciated! We have seen the Lord do amazing things throughout our time here and we know we are yet to see His marvelous works for years to come.


We are asking for your continual prayers and financial support as we continue to serve in Teen Missions. It’s always a challenge to meet our monthly budget for a family of six. Pray for courage, strength, safety and guidance.


We thank God for your extended house *For the educational support for our kids *For the privilege of serving our God

Thank-You, God Bless! Thomas, Jackie, Nema, Jessica & Timothy


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