Masantche, Anthony (Fall 2011)


Dear friends,

I would like to say hello to you all! Not all of you may know me, my name is Anthony Masantche. I was born into a Christian family, but I did not truly know God. I was even a drunk and liked to fight. But God is faithful who called me away from all those thing and now I am one of the facilitators at our unit, Teen Missions in Malawi. I was born again and the verse which really encouraged me was Matthew 26:41. This verse helped me to stop doing bad things and put my life into the hands of the Lord.

My ministry here is helping the children at the rescue unit. I now serve the Lord at the Amy Wellman Orphan Rescue Unit. I also minister among the adults. I teach them different things like good working skills, evangelism, I help them with their homework and many other things. Although I am able to serve Him here, I still face problems from the villagers, some of them, who are not orphans, do not like the ministry because they feel they don’t get special treatment. Yet I still visit them and encourage them. We also use bikes for our ministry and this is very helpful for us. I always praise God for He is good and always faithful.

I would like you to pray for my ministry here, that God will always guide me in His ways.

In Christ,

Anthony Masantche


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