Mbendera, Mphatso (Fall 2011)

Dear Friends,

Greeting! First I want to let you know that I have moved from the Wellman Family Orphan Rescue Unit, which is in Nkhotakhota, and now I am staying at theChipoka Base.

Being at the base is very different from staying at the rescue unit, since they are two different ministries. I was confused my first day, because I saw so many new things, but now I enjoy it! My favorite part is teaching at the BMW, working on the projects and doing evangelism in the surrounding villages. Again, it is a praise that God has allowed me to lead the Chichewa BMW as a coordinator. I can see that I will learn many things from this responsibility. I have already learned to be a good listener and to be willing and open to learning new things. Just now I have learned how to type and make schedule on the computer.


I always rejoice, because of the encouragement I get from my fellow staff. They have been encouraging me when I am unsure of how to do something. Yes, they really are a blessing to me!

Because God lives, I know for sure that He will let me stand firm and serve Him. I always keep reading my Bible and spending time in prayer.

As you read this letter I would like to share with you some of my prayer requests:

To grow in wisdom and draw closer to God

To have safety while traveling and ministering

That God may direct me to find a wife who can be my partner, who fears God and loves the ministry.

I would like also to say thanks to all of you and may you continue to support me through your prayers. I know that God has a very good plan for my life as I serve Him in here through Teen Missions.

God bless you all,

Mphatso Mbendera

Jeremiah 29:11


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