Mtchona, Nathan (Fall 2011)

Dear Friends,

The word of God come to Jeremiah “ …. I send you to the nation…” I got encouragement when I read this words, mainly when I start my ministry here at Teen Missions in Malawi. I have been serving God at one of our Rescue Units and after a year I moved to another ministry. I have been ministering in children’s ministry. God brought me to to be a circuit rider for the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) which I enjoy very much. I have been running six Sunday Schools in one district, Dedza. I saw that through this ministry, many people come to Christ. I also help them sew their uniforms and I even have the First Aid kit which Teen Missions base provided. It is helping them so much. I praise God for the good time that I have in the Rescue Unit and in MSSM.

1st Preteen Boot Camp 2011

Last summer was also very good when I was leading the Preteen team. God brings me joy through the preteens and we were ministering at Lifidzi, one side of Salima district, which has a majority of Muslims. My team had the chance to work at a local church to help them with plastering and build up the church. That was a great thing that God work in my ministry.

God also have another plan which I never thought of before. From the first week in September, I have been staying at the base and have new responsibilities. This is my first time to be at the base, I am usually ministering with the kids. But God is good by giving me an opportunity to be at the base. At the base I was helping teach the students and even help them take care our animals. God is really working in my ministry.

I would like to thank you because your prayer and support. May God bless you in His abounding blessings.


• The ministry which I have that God should help me to do it

• The orphans in Malawi, God should protect them

• God’s leadership in our country

• God guidance for a wife who will help me in this ministry.

Nathan Mtchona


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