Zambia: Young man’s pursuit of God brings reconciliation

I would like to share a testimony from one leader, Terrance . He was a team member twice before, once in 2000 and again in 2004. Just when he returned home from debrief in 2004 he found his father had beaten his mother nearly to death. She left the home and went back to her home-place in Congo, her life in the balance. Terrance was hated by the father and was not welcome in the home so he also left for Congo to try and find his mother. When he arrived in Congo he found he could not communicate only speaking English and Bemba and not French, or Swahili. All he could do was hold up a picture of her and try to use sign language to communicate what he wanted. Finally one person said he had seen her and knew that she left for the north of Congo. That person also agreed to pay his trip expenses. So Terrance began a two week trip up to the North. Just when he arrived the bus was attacked by rebels and all the older boys and men were taken to be inducted into the rebel army. The rebel commander was a wicked man and told them to kill whoever they saw. Terrace reasoned that he had come to know Jesus at Boot Camp and was told to love the people and share the gospel with them. How could he now be holding an AK47 in his hands and be told to kill people. He asked God for a way of escape. His commander had received a letter written in English and no one could interpret it for him except Terrance. When he did he became the commander’s favorite soldier. He took him everywhere. One day in town Terrance had his opportunity to escape and he was successful to get all the way back to Zambia, even with his mother. Today he talked with Barb and said that he just can’t shake the desire to serve God full time and what should he do since he has a good job. Barb told him this is the time for him to press in to God and seek His will for his life. He will surely do just that. We wait for what is next in the life of Terrance.



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