Phiri, Gift and Fazina (Fall 2011)

Dear Friends in Jesus name!

We praise God that we have the opportunity to serve God in Teen Missions in Malawi. We have been serving God as facilitators in different Rescue Units. This time God gave us the opportunity to serve Him at the House of Patience Rescue Unit, which is still a fairly new place that we just opened last May 2011. God always teaches us new lessons through the things we do in our ministry. Before we were ministering in this place, we did our ministry at House of Peace. At House of Peace we have large number of the kids and even women who always come to our unit and ask for prayer. In this place we have had 204 people accept Christ as their Savior.

Now we are in the north region, Rumphi district, we have even more experiences with God. We stayed in tents for seven weeks before the unit building done. We started to recruit the orphans to come to the unit. We praise God we also have a good time of ministry through open air and door-to-door evangelism.

Gift & Fazina Phiri

We are like strangers to them, but since Gift comes from the same tribe he speaks Tumbuka. But I really struggle to have good communication with the people who stay around us. We have time to learn the new language and culture. We praise God that we have managed to stay in a good way with the people who stay there. By the third week we started to have kids in large numbers. In July the American team came and helped us with the building of the unit. We were then able to start our Sunday school. It was really great because the kids are so interested in the class. It was a new thing for them. Things have gone well in the following weeks, and we are getting along with them. They come for encouragement and are always excited to learn new things. For the children phonics classes are good because they want to learn English as well.

God is so good for giving us a chance to minister among the Tumbuka people. God made a way for us and even the registration for the land is going well. We also have a good relationship with the chiefs.

I still remember people thinking that we were crazy to stay in the tents and even mocking us, but God showed His mercy by showing His love to the lost people. God put love in our heart. Now they do not speak bad about us,  but they have become our good friends.

We would like to thank you for your prayers and your support which make us able to do our ministry here. God is good indeed! He does care for us. May His love stay upon your life.  We encourage you to continue to pray for us as we minister here in Rumphi. This is a great ministry for which God has wonderful plans and through this ministry many people come to Christ.


  • Good health, especially for Gift who is suffering from asthma
  • Good communication with the villagers
  • God will continue to provide for our needs
  • Wisdom in doing different classes and ministry
  • BMW that will be opening soon in this location
  • God would open the way for recruitment

With excitement, we are the facilitators of the House of Patience Rescue Unit!

Gift and Fazina Phiri


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