Tsalani, Livison (Fall 2011)

Dear Friends in Christ,

I would greet you all in Jesus Christ our Lord wherever you are.

I am so glad to share with you what have challenged me as I am serving the Lord in the ministry of Teen Missions. For one year I was a facilitator in one of our Orphans Rescue Units. God did a lot of things in that ministry. God helps me in many areas as I teach the orphans and play with them. I was spending most of my time teaching them about God and even in the part of working. I was really enjoying my ministry when I was at the Rescue Unit. Sometimes I also spent my time visiting their homes, encouraging them and praying for their needs.


It is so amazing that I had the opportunity of serving the Lord as a circuit rider in one of the Motorcycle Sunday School Missions (MSSM) that we have here at Teen Missions in Malawi. I never think about that but God gave me that opportunity. I enjoy the class that we have in the Sunday School. It was challenging me also while I teach the kids. I see that many kids are not knowing about Christ yet and even they are hungry for the Word of God. I am happy to be a part of this ministry.

God gave me good time to share the Good News to the people who did not know Him yet. Isaiah 41:10 is very encouraging to me when I am teaching and serving Him. With the grace of God,  I hope that God will continue to guide me as I serve Him.

In Christ,

Levison Tsalani


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