Tsukani, Miscious and Stella (Fall 2011)

Genesis 18:14 “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

Dear Friends,

It is awesome to be a missionary and it takes the Lord’s strength for someone to make it. It’s amazing to see that we are still serving the Lord with Teen Missions. Let the Lord receive glory for the victories and the successes that He has shown unto our family over these few months.


Miscious & Stella Tsukani

We would like to share our excitement with you about the good news which happened on May 5, 2011. Our first baby was born on this above date and now we are glad to say that we have a baby boy and his name is Special Ereck Tsukani. God has expanded our family and we are happy. Join us in celebrating and giving thanks to the Lord for this great victory.


We are convinced that time is for the Lord and the Lord deserves every minute. The year 2011 has been a wonderful year from the month of March till August. It was like a pinnacle since we started being in the ministry of the Lord. This was a busy time for us and we have learned a lot from God. My wife, Stella, found herself helping in the kitchen of our Bible school and teaching sewing to the Bible school students. She was also helping sew the uniforms of the orphans with the facilitators. I took much time teaching some of the subjects of our Bible school. I taught in both the Chichewa and the Chiyawo schools. I did not forget my responsibility of farm management like taking care of the pigs, goats, sheep and tomato field. I praise God because during the same period I took driving lessons and passed the exams.


This is my favorite time whereby I and the children enjoy life in Christ. The Lord is touching the children in different villages through the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM).  I like the little troubles from the little kids like Osborn, Ephraim, Yosefe, Paul, Evance, Precious, Goodson and many others. They are exciting kids but they can trouble you when you don’t give them something to do in time while teaching Sunday School. The biggest thing God has done in the villages of Sandu and Zinchetera is substitute worldly songs and worldly life of the people with godly songs and heavenly life. Today the children are singing praise and worship songs and have stopped gambling, fornicating, smoking, practicing witch craft, speaking abusive languages and following their parental traditional idols. This is because they accepted Jesus Christ to be their Savior.

It was amazing to see Mrs. and Mr. Namkumba requesting that their girl should go to Boot Camp after observing her new life in Christ. Thank God that Bertha is no longer a Muslim member, though her father is a Muslim and mother is a Christian, but she chose to be a Christian after receiving Jesus Christ. Help us in prayer, these villages have over 400 children but we have only reached 180 of them. Some children are still not understanding the purpose of Sunday School.


We had two wonderful Boot Camps this year of Preteens and Super. This is the time that a lot of youth from all parts of Malawi come together to learn the Word of God. Thank God that this year we had a new Boot Camp of Preteens. It was wonderful to preach to the little children. We saw a number of them coming to Christ. We did not lead one of the preteen teams but we led one of the Super Boot Camp teams. It was an exciting team with 17 members. It was named Sunday School team because it was intended to help teach the Sunday schools of two locations. We also had time to work on the bridge and building the wall around pig pens at our property. We spent time ministering to the team members on our team and Malisen, Mayeso and Geresomo Nevah were saved at the project.

Prayer requests

Help us pray for the future of our baby, Special.

  • Help us pray for the growth of our ministry
  • Help us pray for our financial support.
  • Help us pray for Rumphi ministry, a new place to open a Chitumbuka Bible school.
  • Help us pray for the political situation of our country, Malawi.

To God be the glory,

The Tsukani Family

Miscious, Stella & Special Tsukani

Isaiah 41:10 “…I will strengthen you and help you…”


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