Aronson, Emery and Linda (Winter 2012)


It’s another year and each year at this time we are getting more and more kids signed up. The last two years we started to have the brochure done by the end of July, so the kids could get the brochure at debrief. This has really helped to get kids signed up early. It also gives them a little more time to raise the money for their team. It looks like Emery might be helping to drive the bus for the Montana team. I will be on the Mustard Seeds team again and then in the office working over the summer while the teams are out.

The Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (part of Teen Missions) has been teaching phonics to the orphans and even some adults have joined in. The orphans do not have very much that they can call their own, so Teen Missions has printed them phonics cards that they can practice with and also on the back will be memory verses, so they can memorize God’s word. The packet will have the individual’s name on it and this will be very special to them.

Nanny (my mom) and her three great grand children

Emery works on the cutter, so he has been doing the cutting of the cards. We printed 40,000 of them and once they are cut they will have to be put together (want to come to help? Let us know). When Emery is not inside on the cutter or folder, he is outside mowing the grass. That is the one bad thing about being in sunny Florida, the grass grows all the time.

My mom has been living in a home with another lady until we could get Medicaid papers done so money would be available. It has finally come through, so we have moved her into an assisted living place. It is close by Teen Missions, so once she is settled I will be able to go and have lunch with her. Her address is: Phyllis Coon, 4279 Judith Ave Room 231, Merritt Island, FL 32953. We finally got a phone for her, her number is 321-452-3497.

Joseph has been doing some maintenance at the zoo and is getting ready for the Dino Exhibit to open again. Once that opens, he will be helping in different ways with that. They are setting up plants and making paths. One of the spots may be a paying job so we are praying that will happen.

Jacque, Ava and Matthew Aronson

We had a good Christmas with my sisters visiting from Canada and Haiti. It was so much fun to all get together and catch up on the different activities of each family.

We want to thank all of you who share a part in our financial support and support us through your prayers. We appreciate it very much. This is a hard thing to talk about, but this year has been very hard since we lost one of our big supporters. It has been hard to make up the difference. I have been having trouble with my vision and Emery and I both need our eyes checked Little extra things like this are hard to cover. We would appreciate your prayers for this extra support.

Jacque, Ava and Matthew Aronson


Thank you. Emery and Linda Aronson


Ava playing the candle sticks and dancing

Ava and Esther

Ava and her cousin friend Kaylah


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