Chambers, Amyann (Winter 2012)

AmyAnn Chambers

Hello Everyone,

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote to you. I was able to visit my family in Texas for a couple of weeks during the Christmas holiday. It was great seeing many old friends and getting the chance to catch up with people back where I grew up. Most of the people I went to school with are now married and/or have children. While I was there I realized all God had done in and with my life. He is so amazing! Before God became a part of my life I had nothing to look forward to, but now He has given me purpose and a dream. He has given me a love for others that goes beyond my understanding. I am so thankful He never gave up on me and that He is not finished with me yet. It was sad seeing what the fires in Bastrop had done to the town, but it was nice hearing about how the people pulled together and helped one another.

After coming back to Florida I moved to a different trailer on Heavenly Street, and I now have two house buddies instead of just one. The new house buddy’s name is Allie and since she will be living with me for a while you could keep her in your prayers! All joking aside, she is a great addition to my home and has beena huge blessing to me.

My new house buddy Allie

I have been teaching a class at the Bible school at Teen Missions known as BMW (BiBle, Missionary & Work Training Center). It is the school I went to after finishing high school. I am teaching a class called Spiritual Life II. The purpose of the class is to help them understand how to apply the things they learn into their spiritual life. It is a class I went

through when I was a student and the first class I taught when I was doing my internship in South Africa. It is a lot different teaching this class in Florida than it was in South Africa. Not only is it a different culture over here, there are also 23 students instead of only three.

Next month is the Puppet Style Weekend, which we are now calling the Creative EV Workshop. Whoever comes will hear how much God loves them and will hear how they can follow Him, so I am praying for many to come and to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.

My parents, nephew, and “courting buddy”

During the summer I will be leading a Peanut team and then another team to Indiana where we will be going to county fairs in the tri-state area (Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky) and telling people about Christ. It is going to be a preteen team. I haven’t lead a preteen team in four years so I’m pretty excited. The team will be doing dramas and taking surveys. The survey is about teenagers and ends with these three questions: If your best friend were to die tonight would he/she go to heaven? If you died tonight, would you go to heaven? How do you know? Each Indiana team I have led has led hundreds to Christ. Please pray this team does the same. This will be my first time as head leader on this particular team and I will be responsible for training My parents, nephew, and “courting buddy” the assistant female leader(s). Please pray for me to do a good job as I train them and for me to be an example to them, the team members, and to the people to whom we will be ministering.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

My cousin, Jessica

God Bless,

Amyann Chambers

Please join me in praying for:

• The Creative EV Workshop on February 11, 2012 and the summer teams

• That I will be a good teacher in the class I am teaching and for the students to learn a lot

• Good health for me and the people I minister with

Praise: Please join me in praising God for:

• His love and mercy every day

• The new house I’m staying in and my new house buddy

• The wonderful family God has blessed me with


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