Yost, Bob and Paula (Winter 2012)

Dear Friends and Family,

As a new year begins, we tend to reflect on the year we just finished and look forward to the year to come. Lamentations 3:22-23 reminds us, “the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning; great is Thy faithfulness.” Aren’t you glad that God is consistent and constant? Don’t you wish that you could be consistent and constant, too? In the busyness of life around us we can always stop, take a breath and focus on God. He can be, and needs to be, our peace and the One who keeps us centered and consequently—consistent and constant in Him.

2011 was, as usual, a busy year. (Are there any other kind?) Of course, Teen Missions keeps us moving. There is never a dull moment around here. Because the 2012 Summer Teams brochure was available at Debrief (August) and was put on Teen Missions website (www.teenmissions.org) in July (before we even left for our summer team to Arizona), the whole process began much sooner than it used to. Kids’ support has been coming in regularly, which means that the Finance Department, where I work, already has a fair amount of summer support money to process. In early January, there were nearly 500 people registered for this summer’s teams—that’s up over last year.

Bob has been working on projects for the summer teams, also. Pencil packets need to be put together for Bible marking. Imagine sharpening six pencils per packet times 600—and that’s just for the U.S. teams. Then there are 4,000 more needed for the Overseas Boot Camps. Another important job is collating the memory verse packets. He would like to get 3,600 English verse packets done—that’s two years worth of verses, with 40 verse cards in each packet. He also does verse packets in other languages for the Overseas Boot Camps that don’t use the English ones. He occasionally gets a few volunteers to help with these jobs, but ends up doing most of it by himself.

Speaking of teams, Bob and I are scheduled to lead the Sweden Preteen Team. We will be going to work at a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) base near Vilhelmina, which is about 200 miles south of the Arctic Circle, at the southern end of Lapland. Our project is to help around the base by doing landscaping and building renovation. It is certainly a different part of the world from anywhere we’ve been yet. Isn’t it exciting that God’s people can be found all over the world?! We’ve heard that we will have 23 hours of daylight (better find my eye shades so I can sleep! Bob can sleep anywhere.). Hopefully we will see some moose or reindeer while we are there.

On the Homefront— Bob continues to sing— BCC Chorale (community college chorale) and the church choir. He also is a part of a pick-up group of singers. Most recently, they sang selections from the Music Man with the Space Coast Symphony in an old-time radio format. Bob was the tenor in the barbershop quartet and did quite a bit of singing. His solos in church over the Christmas holidays were absolutely beautiful.

I keep busy with projects at home, most recently trying to reclaim the “junk room” and turn it into a usable family room. We’re getting there. I’m beginning my sixth year as a deacon at church, so there are a number of meetings and activities that call my name! I am also trying to finish some unfinished projects, some of which I found when going through stuff in the family room.

God is good to us. He keeps us going so that we can serve Him through Teen Missions. He also uses you! Thank you for your prayers and financial support over the years. Thank you for being a part of our ministry team. We appreciate you more than you will ever know.

Servants in Christ,

Bob and Paula Yost 955 Butia St., Merritt Island, FL 32953 [email protected]

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