Bauman, Adam (Winter 2012)

Hello Friends and Family,

I hope all is well. 2011 was one of the greatest years of my life. God has blessed me so much in so many ways. The first thing I want to mention is the fact that yesterday (which was January 14th) I asked my best friend, Amy Ann Chambers, to be my wife. The best part is that she said yes. I love her so much and I love my Lord and Savior who brought her into my life. About a year ago I asked God to bring me a wife and the Lord has given me a very Godly gal with a servant’s heart. We plan on getting married around late August or early September. Thank you all for your support and pray. God has really blessed me. Pray for Amy and I as we’ll have such a significant life change.

Soul Winning at the state fairs!

My mission trip for the summer is official. I’ll be leading a preteen team (kids ages 10-13). We’ll be sharing the gospel at fairs in Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana. I need as many prayer partners as I can for this mission trip. My prayer requests for the summer are summed up in two requests. 1. Pray for big things to happen: First pray that the Lord with provide a large team for me. I’m praying for 30 preteens to sign up. I’m praying for a large number of preteens, because I want to be able to extend the Gospel message to more people and that we will be able to see God work in the lives of preteens. I love kids of all age groups, but I have a special place in my heart for preteens and I want to serve as many of them as I can. Preteens make good soul winners and I want the Gospel to be spread to many people. 2. Pray for God’s provision for these big things: Just simply pray that God will provide the team with good health and good strength. Also pray that we’ll stay safe and that my preteens will get the finances they need to go on this team.

Pray for the teens I work with during the school year.

I praise and thank God that I have the opportunity to work with the youth at my church here in Florida (First Baptist Church in Merritt Island). I’ve recently started teaching 10th grade guys. We’ve gone through the book of James and just today, January 15th, we finished our study on faith. I have a great group of students who are all dear to me. I told them that if they had any prayer requests I would put them in my newsletter, so my friends and family would be able to pray for them. Here are the names of my students and their prayer requests: 1. Lucas: pray that his grandparents and friends will come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. 2. Chris: Pray for the person he works with who doesn’t know Jesus. 3. Garrett: Pray for his grandfather, as he is having health problems. 4. Christian: He recently moved to Thailand. Pray that God will bless him and his family there. Also pray for C.J, Daniel, Austin, Zach and Alex, who are also part of the class. My prayers overall are simply for them to know and love Jesus more and more. Thank you for praying for them. They mean a lot to me and your prayers mean a lot to me.

What do you do at Teen missions when you are not leading teams?

This is one of the most common questions I get from people, but it can be difficult to explain if you don’t know much about Teen Missions. Before I answer this question you may want to get a better understanding of Teen Missions, what they do and what they are all about. You can visit my blog, This blog has frequently asked questions about my ministry and hopefully will paint a good picture of Teen Missions. Now, to answer the question. There are several different things that I have beenworking on. Every year is different, but since October of 2011 I’ve mostly been working on constructing replicas of the Old Testament Tabernacle. God commanded the Levites in the Old Testament to build this tabernacle in order to ultimately point the people to Christ and the salvation He brings. Now, we at Teen Missions, are building these tabernacles for the very same reason. There was one boy who came on a Tabernacle tour in Pennsylvania and when he saw the Tabernacle he was convicted in his heart and accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. This has happened to many other people as well, who have come to see the tabernacle. For more information about this ministry go please visit (http://www. Many of my other jobs were as follows: 1. Putting bales of clothes in a trailer so that it can be shipped to Africa and given to kids who desperately need them. 2. Mailing Teen Missions brochures to tens of thousands of people. 3. Picking people up at the airport who are coming to serve at Teen Missions. 3. Monitoring the Bible School students as they did their study hall, which was also an opportunity to show them love and build them up. 4. Cutting grass on Teen Missions property and several other things. When preparing for the summer ministry there are nearly 100 jobs that need to be done in order to be ready and I’ve done nearly 100 different jobs in the past to prepare for the summer program. I believe in what Teen Missions does, because I see so many teens with changed lives.

Get connected

Thank you so much for your prayer and support. If you would like to be a financial partner of this ministry you can fill out the slipof paper at the bottom of this newsletter. I’m always in need of financial support and I’ll always be happy with whatever I am given. You can also get others to sign up for this newsletter by emailing me their name and address. The more people who sign up for my newsletter, the more it helps me as I serve God. You can, of course, pray. Without pray I could not be in ministry. If you would like to contact me you can email me at [email protected] com, call me at (321) 615-7257 or you can also send snail mail. Thanks again for taking the time to read this and God bless.

In Christ,

Adam Bauman


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