Uganda Rescue Unit is Making a Difference

The following story is about a former orphan named Babirye. Babirye’s mother died when she was three years old and she was placed under the care of her aunt at six. She also became a registered orphan at the unit during this time. She suffered a head injury from her aunt from ‘taking something without permission’ and began to suffer attacks from this injury. She was later taken to her father who had remarried and the step-mother refused to care for her or give her the medication she needed to prevent the attacks. One day she had an attack which caused her to fall into the fire burning her hand severely. It took her father three days to take her to the hospital. The doctor told them that it was too late to save her fingers and that he would have to cut them off. Poor Babirye could not do anything without her fingers, and due to being malnourished and improperly cared for, she died; she was 11 years old. Praise God for her coming to us before she did because she had received Jesus Christ as her savior during her time spent here. Her death became a witness to the people around her during her last days saying that “There really is a God, because that girl would not have been so peaceful without Him in such circumstances.” They praise the people at Forest Newland Rescue Unit who were there for her when everything and everyone else was against her.




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