Bobb, Shannon and Vikki (Winter 2012)

Hello from sunny Florida! This time of year here at Teen Missions is a time of fellowship for the Bobbs. We get lots of volunteers from the cold north that find out this is not so bad of a place to be this time of year. We have plenty of things going on here in Florida. We are getting ready to ship our third shipping container of used clothing to Africa—this one is going to Zambia. We have purchased an additional container and are preparing to start filling it with clothes, blankets and shoes. We have been blessed with donations of warm blankets, shoes and clothing from so many of you. Your donations will make a huge difference to the orphans in Africa.

Beginning work on the roof

We also have adult teams gong overseas this time of year. We just had a team that went to Malawi and I was asked to go on the team at the last minute. After our family returned from Christmas break, we took a couple of days off to go down to the Florida Keys for our first family vacation in six years. As we arrived in the Keys the first morning, I got a call from our Director asking me to go to Malawi and that I would need to leave in five short days. Of course I said “YES” and then I realized that I was heading to Malawi in five short days! During the remainder of our time in the Keys, my mind was on Malawi and getting ready. Of course Maddie and I still dominated in shuffle board despite my distraction.

My Malawi team arrived (two gentlemen) on Saturday and we made preparations for our trip. We were going to Malawi to work on the BiBle, Missionary & Work Training Center building that was being built at our base located in the areaof the Yao people. We were blessed by the staff and students at the base. They cancelled school for the week and our project changed from painting and installing windows, to putting a roof on the second section of the building. Dave Chale, the Base Coordinator, said since I was there, we were not going to put in windows but we were going to put on the roof. When we arrived, they were waiting to put the roof on because they were unsure of how to tie the two sections of building together. With prayer and what little knowledge I had of roofing, we were able to complete the roof in the short time that we had at the project. We were also able to have two nights of sharing with the local community. We showed some videos then transitioned into a movie and then stopped the movie in the middle and gave a message. If you wait until after the movie, they all leave as soon as you would start the message. Our team struggled with the language barrier as many of the Yao people don’t speak Chichewa (the language of Malawi). It was a blessing to have that time out among the people and share God’s love with them.

Trusses work

On the way home from Malawi, I was on the plane and I was homesick, dirty and tired and felt pretty lonely. I was reading my Bible and I stopped and looked at my bookmark that I was using. The bookmark was a card that we had received from one of our supporting churches, Grace Chapel. I opened the card and the verse was 1 Corinthians 1:4: “I thank God always on your behalf, for the grace of God which is given you by Jesus Christ.” Just below that verse were the words “You are a blessing from the Lord. You and your ministry are greatly appreciated.” followed by several names handwritten. After reading this, I turned off the light and closed my eyesand got such a blessing (yes, I cried as usual). It was then that I realized I wasn’t alone at all and I am so blessed by those that pray for us daily and support us in every way. I thought, “that is exactly how God wants us to work together in the building of His kingdom.” I am thankful for all of you that do your part so we can do our part in His plan. We are definitely blessed!

Finished Roof

Summer will be here before we know it. We have already begun preparations. We have to renew three of our kids passports soon. We have been asked to lead the “Borneo Jungle Bible School Team” this summer. Our team will travel to East Kalamantan on the Malaysia/Indonesia border where we will construct a building that will be the start of a new BiBle, Missionary & Work Training Center in that area. This school will reach people on both sides of the border and give them an opportunity to study God’s Word and be trained in full-time Christian service. Malaysia is 92% Muslim and we are so excited to have the opportunity to bring the Good News to this closed country! Canaan has signed on as an assistant leader on our team and Madison will be a team member on our team. She is anxious about Boot Camp and sad that she won’t be in Munchkin Missions this year. I can’t believe that she will be 13 in a few months!!! When did that happen?

We are excited to announce that Taylor has been approved for GRADUATION from Asbury University on May 5, 2012!!! She will receive a Bachelor’s Degree in InternationalCommunications with a minor in missions. She is busy applying for jobs and sending out resumes.


Please pray that God will direct her path and she will follow where He leads.

We need to raise $ 9000.00 for Canaan, Madison and Zoe to serve on our team this summer. We have included a coupon if you would like to contribute to their expenses. We are fully trusting God to provide and are resting on His promises.

Thank you for being part of our team! Together, we are taking the Gospel to the unreached!

In Christ, The Bobb Family


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