Powell, David and Becca (Winter 2012)

Powell family

We have begun a new year with anticipation for all that the Lord has for us. We anticipate new challenges, new beginnings, and growth in our faith—a faith to believe God for the impossible according to man. A faith that moves mountains because we are told that we can in Jesus’ name. We are expecting God to work above and beyond what we could ever hope or imagine. We are expecting God to move us into the place He has called us to, to rise above fear, to overcome our failures, and to believe God for who He says He is and what His Word says He will do. May each of us walk in a deeper understanding of His love for us and begin to trust Him more.

In April, it will be three years since we joined staff with Teen Missions, yet it seems like just yesterday when we heard the Lord calling us to this ministry. The summer of 1990 is when David first learned about Teen Missions. He sold his Camaro, the first car he’d ever owned, in order to pay his way to go on a team to Malawi, Africa. It was the next summer, in 1991, that he convinced Becca to go on a team with him to Greece. And so, from that point on, we began our life of ministry together. The day after we were married in September of 1993, we rode on a bus to Guadalajara, Mexico, where we spent the next few years working with a local church. We led a Teen Missions team to the Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996. Following our team, we volunteered at the Teen Missions Bible school in Honduras for the 1996-1997 school year. Then, from 1999-2002, we returned to full- time ministry in Mexico—for what we thought was going to be a very long time—but circumstances took us back to Colorado for the following seven years. It wasn’t until September of 2008 that the Lord began to speak to us about returning to foreign missions. In faith we began preparations for the future He was laying on our hearts. In January, 2009, we put our house on the market in a very difficult time of recession. We proceeded to purchase our tickets to fly to Florida on April 15, expecting that God would do what He told us He would do. Twelve days before our scheduled flight, we closed on our house, sold all our possessions, found a good home for our dog, and had $50 a month support raised. Yes, only $50. But by the time our summer team to Belize had returned home, God had met our goal of needed support. When our delight is in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our hearts! I am retelling this story to many of you who have heard it before, mainly because it builds our faith. When we remember all that the Lord has brought us through and all that He has taught us in our journeys, we cannot help but anticipate the journey of grace, truth, and hope that He has in store for us—and each of you. So many of you have held up our arms when we were weary. You have encouraged us in trials, embraced us through prayer, and rejoiced with us in the victories. We pray that you have been encouraged by your partnership with us, just as we have been encouraged by you.


Sarah and Gabriela

Recent Highlights David has been busy translating documents into Spanish for TMI’s Latin speaking bases, revising the curriculum for the guys classes during the summer teams, and working on many miscellaneous projects along the way. He now has his own desk and computer, although he still spends a fair amount of time working outside as well. We both enjoy spending time with the 24 Bible students at the school. We are currently leading their Bible study each week and love to have them over on weekends for fellowship and fun. We have also been leading a young couple on staff in premarital counseling. I stay busy grading home-school papers, cooking the evening meal for the students, and trying to keep up with Gabriela as we train for a race we want to run together at the end of February.

Gabriela and Sarah both anticipate learning to play the guitar this year while keeping up with their schooling, learning Italian, and getting in shape for their summer backpacking team to Italy. Caleb is also preparing for this summer’s team to Italy, but in the meantime he is more occupied with public school in the 7th grade and playing tackle football with “all the gear”.

Answered Prayer Snow! Snow! Snow! We had the privilege of returning to Colorado for the Christmas holiday with anticipation of playing in the snow after living in tropical weather for the past three years. And, praise God, it did snow, and we were delighted to sled, have snowball fights, and make snow angels. It was a wonderful time for us all and our family and friends in Colorado.

Most importantly, by the time you read this, David will have received his ordination as a minister. A committee of five pastors in this area have come together just for this occasion. The ceremony is scheduled for mid-February. This was the first requirement in order for us to submit our paperwork for our visa applications to Italy. Thank you for praying on behalf of this request.

A few of the students we have “adopted” into our family.

When will we be going to Italy? We will be leading a Teen Missions team to Italy this summer, flying out of Florida on July 10. We will be with the team in Italy for 21 days, following the two week training camp in Florida. Our team will be backpacking through the northern Alps of Italy and evangelizing in the parks and campgrounds along the way. Each of our children will be joining us on this team and, depending on our visa status at the time, our family will either stay in Italy to live long term or return with the team until we receive our long-term visas.

Prayer Requests:

• Pray for more prayer and financial partners to join us in this walk of faith. • Pray for the details of our summer backpacking team to Italy, as we continue to plan our trail route, campground locations and opportunities for open-air evangelism in the villages. • Pray for the visa application process to go smoothly and that, Lord willing, we would receive our visas before we leave with the team in July. • Pray that we will walk in sync with God’s timing and purpose for our lives. • Pray that we will grow into a deeper knowledge of God’s truth—2 Peter 1:8

On the Rock, David, Becca, Sarah, Gabriela and Caleb


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