Grandmother is encouraged by compassion at Zambia Sunday School

Game time at MSSM circuit in ZambiaThe Lord God is gracious and always provides for the needs of His children. God has provided for our Sunday School in so many areas this past month. The number of children coming to our Sunday School has been consistent and we are seeing so much growth out of the Lord’s work. One elderly woman was taking care of her granddaughter. The elderly women’s daughter had abandoned the child in January of 2011 and the grandmother was left to take care of the child. One of our circuit riders visited her and noticed that she was very sick. He advised her to go with him to the clinic to test for HIV; she tested positive. The woman immediately started treatment. “I feel so bad for her and I’m worried about her future,” said the grandmother. She found out that her granddaughter had also contracted HIV from her mother, “I do not understand how such a small child could be effected with HIV, but now I understand.” She went on to say, “My granddaughter does not give me any problem when taking medicine; she is on a sweet syrup medicine. The medicine has helped her to grow strong.” The grandmother thanks Teen Missions for the prayers and advice she is getting from our Sunday School. The number of children that attend our Literacy Class is now at 225, our Sunday School Class is not at 222. The children are doing very well, they are learning a lot and enjoy participating in Sunday school.



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