Zambia: Challenge with a Spitting Cobra


What an amazing God we serve! Our Literacy Class now has 223 attendees and we are blown away at all the amazing things God is doing in the 223 lives that come to each of our Sunday Schools. When God is on your side, everything is possible. This was shown through the astonishing story of a Circuit Rider. “On December 3rd I slept with a snake under my sleeping bag. Around 2am I felt something moving toward my head. I woke up looking for a match. When I lit the candle I saw a big black snake, about 2 meters long on top of my sleeping bag looking at me. I was still in my sleeping bag and the spitting cobra was looking straight into my eyes. I couldn’t move my legs because I didn’t know what would happen next. I started to speak the name “Jesus” for about two minutes. The snake went down from my bed and went to the corner of the small house where we put charcoal. I got out of bed and woke up the child I was with. We went outside looking for sticks to kill it and then we prayed. I know that someone, somewhere was praying for me. If God is on your side all things are possible.” Praise God for all He is accomplishing.



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  1. Wow . . . I see how the Lord was covering you. We pray for Zambia, for Madagascar, South Africa and Teen Missions. Zambia will always hold a special place in our hearts as we started there. It is incredible to see how the Lord is using Zambia to spread His love! Truly the hands and feet of Jesus are going out. I am so grateful for God’s covering of His laborers. Continuing to pray! Thank you for the update. He is good isn’t He? All the time He is good! ~ Cheryl Waters

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