Yoder, Robert and Dorah (Winter 2012)


Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings to you all in the name of our risen Savior Jesus Christ. Allow us to wish you a belated happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. 2011 began very well and we had great expectations from the Lord. We faced different challenges, but nevertheless, God is still faithful forever.

Boot Camp

We did our usual schedules at the base and in the units. Then in April and May we had an opportunity to help co-ordinate the Lufwanyama Orphans’ Boot Camp under the supervision of Nelson Chimbila, who also coordinates the BiBle, Missionary & Work Training Center, and the Mansa and Congo Boot Camps. It was a great challenge and a blessing for us as a family. During Boot Camp and Debrief, Nelson allowed both my wife and me to teach almost all the classes. What a learning experience! My wife also got to learn how to buy Boot Camp food—how much to buy and how to make things stretch as far as possible. Dorah also had the opportunity to help with nursing those who got sick or the villagers who would come with needs.

Clothing Donations Helped Hundreds of Kids

The orphan Boot Camp was held in Wangibisha at a new place for Motorcycle Sunday School Missionin Lufwanyama district. The property is very big, about 250 acres and it’s all in trees so one of the our jobs was to start stumping the trees. There is a lot of iron wood on the property so we had problems with bending our ax blades. There was also a project to build a two- room house for the missionaries who will be staying at Wangibisha. When God is at work face or language is not a problem. At the end of Boot Camp you could see a great change in the kids from when they first came. We pray that the orphans will continue to follow the Lord and even lead many to Christ.

We want to give thanks to God almighty who does not change nor break his promises. My wife finally got a six-month visa, and as we write this newsletter we are in the States.

May GOD bless all who prayed and encouraged us. To you all we say GOD bless you and may HE answer all your prayers in JESUS Name. Finally we want to express our appreciation to our supporters for your generosity, and we pray that GOD will bless you more in return.

In Christ, Robert, Dorah and Esther

Wangibisha Sunday School Kids
Mothers’ Nutrition Seminar

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