Calderon,Benjamin and Ana (Winter 2012)

Dear Friends and Family

In January, we were still in Honduras finishing the Boot Camp. Following Boot Camp, we were asked to go to Ecuador to help at the Teen Missions base there. We had to travel to Tegucigalpa in order to get Ana and Kadisha’s visas and I had to go to Nicaragua to get my visa. After we got back to Honduras, we began to pack what we were going to take with us.

While we were busy getting everything ready for the trip, Kadisha had her first birthday on February 2, and she had three different birthday parties—one from my mother, another from Ana’s mother and another from the Chicas at the base in Honduras.

We had a good time in Honduras and have learned a lot. We are excited about what the Lord has in store for us in Ecuador. When arrived at the airport in Ecuador, Elizabeth Little and Jorge Valldeperas were waiting for us. Elizabeth is from New Zealand and she helped start the work in Ecuador. She was in Ecuador to help run the Boot Camp there on the coast. Jorge is from the US and is also helping run the base and Bible School in Ecuador. After our arrival, we all traveled to the base which was about a 4 hour trip. It is beautiful at this base—you can see three volcanoes in the distance. It is very cold here—quite the change from Honduras. It is colder than what I imagined, but every day here we can see how great the Lord God Almighty is.

At first, Kadisha was sick with pneumonia symptoms, and we had to take her to the doctor. After two visits to the doctor, she’s been better, and we are adapting faster and better to the climate and altitude.

This has been a special time as we arrived in Ecuador on February 12 and then on the 16th, we started the camp with the youth of the coastal region. We had only one team, called Latacundoalo.  Although at the present time there are only two students, we hope to have more after Boot Camp. These students, along with Jorge and Allie, have begun a ministry to children around the base, most of whom are Quichua, on Wednesday afternoons.

During Boot Camp the team members also had the opportunity to minister to these children, and as part of their work project, we want to build a small bridge for them to cross the river with more security. Most children are from a village near the base, and they have to walk a good distance and cross the river to reach the base and listen to what we share with them about the Word of God. The most interesting thing is that the parents give permission for them to come. This is interesting because where we are, the Catholic church is very, very strong, so we have a big challenge to attract these people to Christ, and we started with the children and step-by-step we will plan activities with parents too.

We thank all of you that enable the ministry to remain standing, may God bless you greatly.

Calderon Family

Prayer requests. – Passion for souls and missions – Fervent desire to honor God in all – Wisdom to make decisions – Good health and adaptation – For more students. – For projects to make school self-sustaining


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