Shrock, Jason and Karen (Winter 2012)

BMW graduating students

Dear Friends and Family,

The 2011-12 Lord’s Boot Camp in South Africa was a huge success with over 170 salvations. We had the greatest time and the least problems due to lots of you praying. THANK YOU! But first let us review what has been happening the last few months. This October we began an outreach with a local children’s shelter. We have been working with Love In Action over past year helping them to build the orphanage and now we are going on a weekly basis to love on the kids. They range in age from infants through high school and are so wonderful to work with. Karen and her friend, Sanet, have been simply playing games and teaching life skills classes. The kids had so much fun sewing one day that they wouldn’t stop to go and eat their meal. We also had a huge donation of clothes to the ministry. We are now bursting at the seams with clothes and need to make plans to pass them out to some of our families in need.

November brought some joy and tears to us. Our friends, the O’Haras, were called to go and serve with Teen Missions at the base in Uganda. Their skills were needed there, so after some tearful goodbyes we sent them off on God’s new journey for them. The biggest blessing that we had this month was a donation for two solar geysers—one for our house and one for the boy’s dorm. As soon as I can figure out how to plumb them we will be putting them up to save on our electricity. If anyone wants to come and help install solar geysers, I(Jason) would be willing to treat you to a wonderful safari for your efforts.

Jennifer with Paul Henri our student from DRC

Our most fun though was the summer camp. I love this time of year in having the youth come and train to be missionaries. We had nearly 130 youth for this year and they worked very hard. They were such a joy and most took the classes very serious. They were ready to go and serve the Lord. They come for 10 days of training where we prepare them to share the Gospel message, as well as doing construction work. The kids learn brick laying, plastering, concrete and digging. Once they finish they go to the mission field and bless area ministries for two weeks doing evangelism through clowning, drama, singing and work projects before they come back and finish preparing to take the message back home.

The sports team was in an area that a cult church was founded and they had some struggles to begin with. When they went house to house to talk, the members wouldn’t let them in as they didn’t want other members to see them allowing Christians into their homes. But they would find the kids when they were walking on the street and have them secretly pray for their family. They had never seen any youth give up their summer and live in a tent simply to spread the Gospel. At first they didn’t believe them and thought that the Pastor hired them to come. But as the time went on they began to trust them. The next door neighbor to the church was a cult church member and the husband told the family that they are to ignore the youth and leave us alone or he would beat them. As soon as the husband left for work each day the wife would gather the kids and neighbors up and bring them to pray with the team. She said that she heard from God and found that she needs to obey God rather than the wishes of her husband.

Passing out balloons during Evangelism

A truly international celebration happened during Boot Camp. We had our first Zimbabwe student graduate, Leonel. Three others commissioned to begin their internships in May – Paul-Henri from DRCongo, Joshua from Angola and Mampho from South Africa. They have all been a huge blessing to us. During our debrief time we also found time to have some fun with the youth. Joy and Jolie especially loved the homemade slip and slide that was created for our Funspiration time. The youth have really grown to love it and ask when they arrive if we will do the plastic with soap on it for debrief.

It is simply wonderful how God uses these kids to reach the nations. People are amazed at what they are willing to give up serving the Lord for their summer break and Christmas holiday. No cell phones, live in a tent, no hot baths and no computer connections. We had 50 kids that Bridged the Gap during our last rally at Debrief. That means they are making a commitment to serve God in full- time ministry somehow, either now or in the future. We were so humbled to see where and how they plan to serve that we wanted to share with you so you can pray for these kids. Where South African teenagers want to share the Gospel: in their high school, South Africa, China, America and England. Ways that they want to serve included: missionary, preacher, orphan worker, motivational school speaker, social worker, geologist, church office worker, doctor, work with HIV/AIDS people, intercessor, worshiper, medical missionary, and paramedic. God used this time to touch the hearts of these kids, and I believe that he will use them in mighty ways to change this country and turn South Africa to God.

Jolie on the slip and slide

Praises: • Jenn was able to come and visit us for several weeks during the December month and spoil us with great food. • God was watching over us during camp and two possible serious injuries were only minor.

Prayers: • Joy and Jolie as they start a new school at Queenswood Christian School and grow more in Christ. • A fruitful 2012 Bible school term as our students begin their classes in January.

Grace and peace,

Jason, Karen, Joy & Jolie

PO Box 865, Pyramid, SOUTH AFRICA 0120 Cell: 027 079 393 0492

Joy on the slip and slide

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