Petersen, Doug and Barb (Winter 2012)

“Let our sons in their youth be as grown up plants, and our daughters as corner pillars fashioned as for a palace.” Psalm 144: 12

Mumena Team with Chief Mumena at his palace

Happy New Year from Zambia Dear Family and Friends,

Boot Camps: The year goes by swiftly again. We just finished four Boot Camps–that is twenty-two teams, during the Christmas Holiday. We praise God for all that He has done. He has given fruit to His account, with the Kitwe Team alone we saw around 150 people come to the Lord. Teens also came forward in Boot Camp to give their lives to Jesus and many more came on the last night of Debrief to say that they want to let God have His way in their lives by finding His plan for their lives and serving Him as long as they live. Please pray for these young ones to grow in the Lord and fulfill Ps. 144: 12 (above)

More staff housing in progress

Praise: We thank the Lord for safety in travel and for no violent weather. We are thankful for the work that was accomplished on the various projects. We saw an additional staff building come up to window level at the Ndola base. See picture below. We are very thankful to see this building coming along, even if it is slowly.

Challenges: Please pray for our vehicles. We don’t get decent replacement parts nor do we get good mechanics. Sometimes the vehicles come back “fixed” worse than they were when we took them in. Please pray with us that this trend will stop. We are in debt with our vehicles because of this long term problem. It has been going on for years!

Doug’s trip to the bush: It is always a blessing to visit our rescue units. There are many different ministries: nutrition seminars, medical assistance, agricultural projects, and educational assistance; all blending together to enrich the lives of those left with no one to care for them. It is encouraging to see. One young girl 14 years old had to leave school because she needed to find some way to care for herself and her old, sickly grandmother. She found food when she was allowed to go into newly harvested fields and glean for maize. Our facilitator was made aware of this situation. Teen Missions built them a new house shelter, paid the girl’s school fees so she could re-enroll in school, and found food for her and her grandma. Isn’t God good?

Graduates: time for diplomas

Commissioning class, ready for internship

New student interviews: At this time of the year we interview new applicants for school. Again this year we were blessed to interview several orphans from our rescue units who want to be just like the facilitators who helped them when they had no one. One such young man is Mordecai. He was found at our Mibende unit years ago by our then facilitator Richard Zwau. Richard helped him get through school and guided him through his teenage years. Mordecai attended several Boot Camps and this past year was a leader. He wants to be trained so that he can be just like Richard and help orphans wherever God might place him. Pray for Mordecai as he goes through his training that he might fulfill his calling.

Next: We look forward to Monday when we will start another term. I (Barb) enjoy teaching General Epistles, especially Hebrews. Doug loves teaching Revelation. I’d love to sit in on that one but it is when I am preparing for my class.

Upcoming plans: We are quite sure we are coming to the US this Spring to be a part of special Teen Missions meetings and the Boot Camp program in Florida. We are waiting for our visa to be extended again so we can stay in Zambia. It was to be ready now but officials said to check in another month. We don’t foresee any problems with its approval.

Again thank you so much, our precious supporters and prayer partners, for making it possible for us to join hands with you,

Orphan Boot Camp Debrief game time

Orphan Boot Camp commissioning service

In His harvest,

Doug and Barb Petersen


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