Petersen, Steve and Gay (Winter 2012)

Dear Family and Friends,


Janeth Alvarado, a 14 year-old Honduran teen, was excited to sign up on a Teen Missions team and already knew which one she wanted to go on. The Backpack Team was scheduled to head into the remote home of the Tolpan tribe… an area with little to no Gospel witness. There was only one problem—one of her legs was considerably shorter than the other and the TMI staff strongly urged Janeth to consider going on another team, but she was determined. The staff relented, and Janeth was placed with the backpack team. Once at their project location, the team commenced their outreaches. One of their hikes was particularly long and after a strenuous seven hours they finally reached the only home in the entire area, where they found a mother with her four children. (The Talpan tribe has a great deal of land and families live by themselves separated by great distances.) When the team reached this family, they discovered that they were unable to communicate, as the mom and all four of her children were deaf and mute. However, there ‘happened’ to be one team member in the group who knew sign language…. Janeth! She alone was able to share with the family, who all prayed to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior! The Lord was truly directing the path of this backpack team!

Janeth (on right) with a newly saved Tolpan family

I’m writing this report from the Teen Missions base in Honduras where I’ve been sent to serve alongside the local base coordinators, Chico and Kathy Chicas, during the Boot Camp phase. The TMI base here is located in a beautiful mountain area… perfect for a Boot Camp, with two small streams, plenty of trees, rolling hills and… mud. It’s a perfect place for the spiritual growth and team building of an overseas Boot Camp. I’ve been reminded again of the great need for daily prayer for each overseas base as the staff must brave long days, dangerous roads and tight budgets as they train students, build relationships with local pastors and maintain their property.


In February, I am scheduled to be on the road again to help promote Teen Missions as a sponsor of the Winter Jam music tour in the eastern half of the USA. We will have a booth and a brief opportunity to challenge an average of 11,000 youth at each event. I am scheduled to cover the tour dates from February 1st to the 19th. Teen Missions has 10 free tickets to give out at each event to any former leaders or team members who would like to help answer questions about TMI at our booth. Please call me (321-506-0203) if you are interested in helping out in one of the following cities. Please pray also for Gay and the kids, as I’ll be away from home again for about three weeks.

Winter Jam Tour Cities in February:

Feb. 2             Evansville, IN                 Ford Center Evansville

Feb. 3             Louisville, KY                 Freedom Hall

Feb. 4             Greensboro, NC             Greensboro Coliseum

Feb. 9             Augusta, GA                    James Brown Arena

Feb. 10           Greenville, SC                 BI-LO Center

Feb. 11            Birmingham, AL           BJCC Arena

Feb. 12            Chattanooga, TN          McKenzie Arena

Feb. 16            Council Bluffs, IA         Mid-America Center

Feb. 17            Kansas City, MO           The Sprint Center

Feb. 18            Oklahoma City, OK      Chesapeake Energy Arena

Feb. 19            Little Rock, AR               Verizon Arena

Steve with the Honduras Backpack team


Currently, Gay and I are scheduled to lead the Zambia Water Filters Team this coming summer. We are very excited as it will be the first time for Gay, Timothy and Faith to see Grandma and Grandpa at their base in Zambia. It will be very special to see, up close, all the ministry outreaches that go on in Zambia and to meet the very precious Zambian national staff who work so closely with Mom and Dad on a daily basis.


In May, Gay and I (and the kids) are scheduled to travel with some of our Bible Training Center students and staff to setup a life-sized replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle in Orangeburg, South Carolina. This incredible display is a powerful evangelism tool, as Jesus Christ is represented in each part of the Tabernacle design. Donations from tour guests go towards AIDS Orphans & Street Children. We are looking forward to this ‘work’ trip and to great fellowship with both the students and our friends in South Carolina!

Gay continues to cook for the Retreat Center and Bible School Students some on the weekends. She is also doing various office projects from home, as well as overseeing the volunteer trailers on Heavenly Street and before we know it, her Peanut leaders and kids will be arriving, so she is preparing for that program. Along with that, she is still home schooling the kids: Timothy is in 4th grade and Faith is in 1st grade.


• For safe travels back from Honduras • For the 522+ teens and leaders registered for 2012 teams so far • For the opportunity to share about missions on the Winter Jam Tour

Prayer Items:

• For Steve as he shares about TMI in February on the Winter Jam Tour

• For Gay as she runs the house, works from home, and schools Timothy and Faith

• For Timothy & Faith as they raise support for our summer trip to Zambia where Grandma and Grandpa serve the Lord.

Thank you for your prayers and faithful support.

Steve, Gay, Timothy & Faith Petersen Is 6:8 / Heb. 11:1 / Phil 2:22&20 / Gal. 2:20


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