Goodbye Shuttle Discovery

Space Shuttle Discovery departs Kennedy Space Center for final flight

Maddie Bobb, daughter of full time staff Shannon and Vikkie Bobb took this amazing photo of the shuttle piggy-backing on a specially fitted Boeing 747. Farewell Discovery!!

Space shuttle Discovery rose over the skies of Florida’s space coast for one last time this morning on it’s final flight to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. With pride and some sadness, some Teen Missions staff and their families witnessed this historic trip just a few miles from Teen Missions headquarters in Merritt Island. Discovery flew more missions for NASA than any other orbiter.

Here are some additional photos from Teen Missions staff member Brian Tuttle:

Shuttle Discovery soars one last time

Shuttle Discovery soars one last time

Shuttle Discovery flies on back of modified 747

Shuttle Discovery over the Florida Space Coast

Goodbye Shuttle Discovery

Goodbye Shuttle Discovery



  1. That is a great picture. It’s sad, but still a great picture. I’m impressed!

  2. great picture, Maddie!

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