Cowboy Lee Homoki at Lord’s Boot Camp

Dates: June 28–July 5th

Teen Missions International of Merritt Island,  FL (Lord’s Boot Camp) is happy to announce a ROUND-UP FOR CHRIST with Evangelist S. Lee Homoki as “Cowboy Lee.” 

The Roundup for Christ features a demonstration in the tools of the cowboy’s trade: rope

spinning and bull whips. This is a special delight for boys and girls of all ages, which includes a dynamic, never-to-be-forgotten Bible message on the crucifixion of Christ.

Lee is the son of “Nevada Steve” and Esther Homoki. “Nevada Steve” was a champion Rodeo Cowboy, trick-roper and bull-whip artist. During the days of his youth, Lee traveled ex- tensively with his father performing with the “White Horse Ranch Show,” “Cliff Gatewood’s Wild West Show,” night clubs and theaters.

Following his conversion to Christ as a teenager, Lee felt the call of God on his life to be a gospel preacher. After completing his preparation for the ministry at Baptist Bible College, Rockmont College and the Arizona College of the Bible, he pastored churches in Arizona, California, Ohio and Indiana for twenty-one years.

Since 1980, Lee has conducted hundreds of local church, evangelistic CROSSROADS CRUSADES throughout the United States and some foreign countries. Lee was the founder and director of Bible Doctrines to Live By, Inc. where the bimonthly magazine Truth Aflame, and a great number of other Bible study and evangelistic literature is produced and distributed. Recently, Lee “shifted gears” to become the founder and director of the Cowboy Adventure Cowboy Ministries—and evangelistic arm of BDTLB Inc.


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