Evans, Amanda (Spring 2012)

Dear Family and Friends,

It is already April and Boot Camp is just around the corner. By the time you get this letter, the five Big Tops Tents will be up. We are getting all the stuff for Boot Camp (and it is a lot!) out of storage and putting it where it belongs.

Big Top 1

Inside the office it is also getting busy. There are so many phone calls, questions about their teams, finances, passports, visas— just to name a few. The team members are mailing in a ton of their paperwork and all of that has to be processed and filed. There are already over 690 registrations this year!

We are also getting ready for next year’s brochure, so we can hand it out at Debrief in August. This way, when this year’s team members go home and tell their friends about their summer, they can give them the 2013 brochure.

Throughout the year we have our regular prayer closet from 8:30 AM to 5 PM, Monday thru Friday. On April 22nd we will be starting our 24/7 Prayer Closet with someone in the Prayer Closet every hour for a total of 1000 consecutive hours. We will be praying for all the 2012 team membersand leaders by name, volunteers and also many other aspects of this ministry. We will also be praying for the different projects that all the teams will be doing.

New Covered Sidewalk

I’m excited to go as a leader to Trinidad this year. This is exciting for me as the past two summers I have been a part of the “summer staff”, which meant I stayed at the Teen Missions base in Florida. While in Trinidad, our team will work with Triumphant Ministries and will be continuing construction on the pastor’s house that the 2011 Trinidad Team started on last year. We will also have the opportunity to share Jesus through music, puppets and door-to-door evangelism. My main responsibilities will include cooking for the team (three meals a day/seven days a week!) I will also help in teaching Bible Studies and other classes. I will definitely be out of my “comfort zone,” but am excited for what the Lord is going to teach me this summer. My support is coming in slowly. Would you please pray that the Lord will supply this need before the summer starts. I still have $1770 left to raise. If you are interested in praying for me and/or helping with my support, please fill out the coupon at the end of this letter.

Sunday School Games

A story from Zambia: The Lord God is gracious and always provides for the needs of His children. God has provided for our Sunday School in so many areas this past month.The number of children coming to our Sunday School has been consistent and we are seeing so much growth out of the Lord’s work. One elderly woman was taking care of her granddaughter. The elderly woman’s daughter had abandoned the child in January of 2011 and the grandmother was left to take care of the child. One of our circuit riders visited her and noticed that she was very sick. He advised her to go with him to the clinic to test for HIV; she tested positive. The woman immediately started treatment. “I feel so bad for her and I’m worried about her future,” said the grandmother. She found out that her grandaughter had also contracted HIV from her mother, “I do not understand how such a small child could be infected with HIV, but now I understand.” She went on to say, “My granddaughter does not give me any problem when taking medicine; she is on a sweet syrup medicine. The medicine has helped her to grow strong.” The grandmother thanks Teen Missions for the prayers and advice she is getting from our Sunday School. The number of children who attend our Literacy Class is now at 225, our Sunday School Class is now at 222. The children are doing very well, they are learning a lot and enjoy participating in Sunday school.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible. It has been such an encouragement to me!

Under the Tent

Lord Bless,

Amanda Evans

Praises: – Money has already started coming in for my team

Prayer Requests: – For the team members and leaders that will be coming this summer. Pray that their hearts will be open to what the Lord wants to teach them.

– For health and strength for the staff during the summer


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