Aronson, Emery and Linda (Spring 2012)

Grandma with Aiden and Ava

The proud Grandparents


We have the big top tents up and it is beginning to look a lot like Boot Camp, all we need is you and we have over 600 kids registered. That is close to the amount we had last year and hopefully we will still be getting some registrations in, especially Peanuts and Mustards Seeds. I will be working with the Mustards Seeds again and it looks like Emery will be helping to drive the bus for the Montana Team. This team has several places to stop on the way including Telling The Truth Ministries in Evansville, IN, The Gateway Arch in MO, The Badlands of South Dakota, Mount Rushmore and Theodore Roosevelt National Park so it will be a long drive. They will arrive at the Montana Creation Indian Reservation to tour the Creation Center and then on to the Assiniboine Indian Reservation where they will be building cabins for the Indian Camp.

Big Sister

New for this year, we are putting up three Tabernacles one in Hudson, WI, Orangeburg, SC, and one in Canada at Huntley Street in Ontario. There is a lot of supplies that have to be brought along with the tents. The stuff is stored in a big semi-trailer, so Emery will be driving a rental tractor-truck with the one to Canada first and then the second to SC, the one in WI is already there.

The Tabernacles are a way to raise money for AIDS Orphans and show each person who goes through the tours the way the old and the new testament are brought together and show what the Tabernacle has in common with Jesus in the New Testament. There are many who hear the Gospel for the first time and accept Christ at the end of the tour.

As you can see by the pictures we have a new grandson–born March 21, 7:10 pm 8 pounds 2 oz, and 20 inches long. His name is Aiden Mathias Aronson. All are doing fine and Ava likes having a baby brother.

Emery has been working at a mobile home park Teen Missions owns and is helping to set trailers–leveling the ground, setting up blocks for under the trailers, making the forms for the driveway and landscaping them for the people who will move in or look at them to buy.

I keep busy with the finances and getting money processed for the summer kids. I also keep the bills paid and reports done.

The Aronsons

Aiden Mathias Aronson one hour old

Great Nanny with one day old Aiden

Proud Grandpa with Aiden



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