Frey, Josiah (Spring 2012)

Dear Friends, Family and Former Team Members,

What an amazing journey the Lord has taken me on over the last couple of months. My journey began up north in the country of Canada! When I was asked to go to Canada I really did not understand why God would send me there. But after getting there I realized Canada was just one step in the journey. While in Canada I traveled over 5,000 miles and spoke at many colleges, churches and schools. Little did I know how God was preparing my heart for the next step in my journey. I felt like my time in Canada was coming to close, but didn’t understand how. Then one Monday morning I got a call from the International Director’s office asking me to leave for Uganda right away.

So I left the winter prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada to head to the sunny plains of Uganda. During my time in Uganda I faced many challenges. Being on a short-term trip to a different country and living in a different country are two different things. My first night in Uganda the power went out and I had to use a candle. When I went to blow it out I almost caught my mosquito net on fire! Life was going to be a lot different than Canada. Once in Uganda I found out I would be helping to run a Boot Camp on the other side of the country. We were short leaders for teams so I was chosen to lead a team.

For those who don’t know what a national Boot Camp is let me explain. Teen Missions runs Boot Camps just like in the USA all over the world. This allows kids from different countries to serve the Lord. The Boot Camp had over 80 kids and my team had 11. We were an evangelism team so during Boot Camp the kids learned how to share about Christ using music, puppets and drama. It was not easy leading a team with kids from a different culture. For one, some of them did not speak English very well. They would talk in many different languages that I had no clue what they were saying! For seven weeks I lived out in the bush, eating all national food, sleeping in a tent and of course bathing in a bucket! I was glad when the team went home and I could go back to the main base in Jinja. I was not sure why the Lord took me to Uganda. I thought I was doing a good job in Canada and there was a need there. However, I believe God called me to Uganda for a time to learn. Christmas Eve I cried myself to sleep being away from everyone I knew and loved. God walked me through the hard and lonely times. I grew closer to my Savior in those weeks than ever before. We may not always like what God asks us to do. But if we obey and trust Him, we will bring glory and honor to Him.

After the Boot Camp was over I found out a new staff couple was coming to Uganda and I was no longer needed at the base. So the next step of my journey began. I was sent to Zambia! Why Zambia? Teen Missions has another ministry called Motorcycle Sunday School Mission. Allow me to share about this new ministry that started in 2007.

Our Circuit Riders are using motorcycles to carry God’s Word into remote areas with little to no established Christian witness. Each motorcycle circuit normally consists of six Sunday Schools that meet weekly to hear Bible stories and lessons that explain the meaning of the gospel message, often with the help of visual aids. Each week we teach literacy classes to children and adults. We have developed a system of teaching games using phonics. African children need the help in reinforcing reading and writing skills in order to pass on to the next grade. English is taught in schools. However, because the children are usually only able to speak their native dialects they find English quite difficult, and without the extra help a child can remain in the same grade for years. Our Circuit riders also carry life-saving medications with them. At times they are the only source of malaria, cold, stomach and wound medicines these people can access.

Why we take medicine with us

I had the chance to go with one of our riders to the remote bush for a whole week. The riders work very hard to bring hope to these remote places. We had to cross rivers and go through deep forest where you think no one even lives. Then all of a sudden I would see many little children running out to greet us. Some of the villages we went to we were the only medical help they had. The nearest place would be a three-hour walk. I encourage you to visit our website at to see more about what we are doing.

On March 5th I flew back to Florida. It was so nice to be back in the USA after being away since September. I have been asked to help with MSSM Promotions and Teen Missions Promotions. We would like to add more Sunday Schools, not only in Africa, but also Asia, South America and Europe . We have a goal to have 212 Sunday Schools by 12/12/12—Right now we have 114! Join us in prayer as we raise the money to start the schools and train the missionaries that will go out.

There is lots of work to be done at the main base. We have over 650 people signed up to go all over the world. I have been asked to lead the Malawi Preteen Team. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Please pray for my time as we travel and do our project. It is such a huge blessing to serve the Lord and reach out not only around the world but right here in America. Right now I have 17 kids signed up to go. Pray that us leaders will be able to reach out to them and disciple them in the Word. These kids are the church of TODAY! If they can get on fire for God at a young age who knows what the next generation will do for the Kingdom.

Home for Easter

Finally I was able to go back to PA for Easter! What a huge blessing to see my family and many of you ! I want to thank you for standing with me. I could not do this without your prayers and support. You travel with me wherever I go to serve the Lord. We are in this together! May the Lord bless you for your part in His Kingdom. I leave you with a quote from Spurgeon.

Someone asked, Will the heathen who have never heard the Gospel be saved? It is more a question with me whether we — who have the Gospel and fail to give it to those who have not — can be saved. – Charles Spurgeon

Serving Christ Together,

Josiah Frey 2 Cor 4:16-18


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  1. i came across this website of teen missions today so i deciced to read more about it and i can tell you people are doing a great job and may God bless you for that.I am from Africa in somalia but since our country is at war it was so hard for us to live there sp we later moved to uganda to a refugee camp called nakivaale refugee settlement.
    I have also seen the problems africans are facing since i was also going true the same problems but now the united nations refugee settlement brought me and my family to America, its better here because am feeling really safe. i thank you all for the help you are showing to africans and other people.may the good God reward you for that.

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