Vanderpool, Kathy (Spring 2012)

“The Lord is good a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in Him.” Nahum 1:7

Dear Family and Friends,

At the end of January, I traveled to the TMI base in Uganda with my sister’s husband, Jim. Jinga is the location of the source of the Nile and it travels up to Egypt. David Livingston spent many years searching for the mouth of the Nile. It is wide and much cleaner than what I remember seeing when I was in Cairo several years ago.

I was able to spend time with the staff and work through future plans for the base. Jim went through the base figuring out a plan for completing various unfinished projects. The office needed to have some finish work done on the inside, the outside needed plastering. Some of the inside needs included making beds and preparing to tie into the toilets. A staff house and girls’ dorm got new porches to keep the rains out. The boys dorm needed a wall closed in with a toilet block. The dining room needed a foundation in order to build the walls and a roof. The kitchen needed the brick walls finished and kitchen appliances like a stove and oven that uses saw dust for its fuel. Then there’s the two-story staff house that needed to be finished. Jim was able to make a priority list and estimate what the cost would be. Every other day, I would go out and visit the facilitators at a Rescue Unit. It was good to meet with them and see what was happening at the Units.

Then we took a nine-hour bus ride up north to Koboko where we have a Rescue Unit and are working on constructing a BMW. This is the hometown of Idi Amin, the former dictator of Uganda, who was responsible for the murder of thousands of Ugandans. It is also considered to be the doorway to reaching the countries of Sudan and the Congo. The orphan choir came to greet us and sang some special songs for us. They also quoted Scripture verses that they had learned.

Returning back to the base in Jinga, I was able to spend a couple more days with the new staff before heading off to Zambia for a week. Visiting the base in Ndola is always like going back to a special place. I was there when we started the Bible School, and it is a joy to see a few from the “pioneer class” having completed their two years of Bible School, internship, graduating and now filling leadership positions at the base.

I was able to visit three Rescue Units in Zambia. This time of the year, the facilitators and orphans are busy weeding and watching over gardens and fields of corn in hopes of a big harvest that will be welcomed after the long months of only one meal a day or sometimes only one meal a week for the orphans. One Unit was hoping to plant 100 or more cabbage plants. Tomatoes, onions and other greens will follow as the heavy rains come to an end.

I returned to Florida the beginning of March and am starting to make preparations for Boot Camp. There are supplies for the overseas Boot Camps that need to be gathered for packing to go overseas with the summer teams. The orders consist of materials needed to operate the Boot Camps such as literature, t-shirts, tools, tents, evangelism equipment and blank reports to fill and return to our office at the end of Boot Camp. When the materials are together by country, they need to be packed into 50 pound duffel bags and taken to the food warehouse where they will be put in the respective country team bin. Oh, and 3,000 t-shirts need to have a logo ironed on. This year the logo is purple and I’m sure the team members will enjoy the color change. T-shirts are a treasured item. You see, some have never owned a new t-shirt, so they are cherished and used only for special occasions after Boot Camp and are guarded and cared for throughout their time at Boot Camp.

Mustard Seed camp for the 4 to 6 year olds will need some special preparations for our theme of “Wordless Book color jungle”. They will learn the characteristics and strengths of animals, but each animal will also help them learn to share the plan of salvation through the colors. They will have a Bible story and memory verse that will help them be able to share the plan of salvation. In addition, there will be crafts, snacks and music training with my sister. The Mustard Seed Children’s favorite activities are to run the Obstacle Course and a cool swim in the pool. We finish our time together by giving the children a costume from another country to wear for a picture that we take at our World Map with each child standing on the country that their costume represents. Photos are taken and then we begin preparations for singing at the rally for the Commissioning Service. Its a three-day, fast paced experience, but what a delight to share Jesus with these children. As young as they are, they can share the message of Jesus Christ with others. Who knows who God will choose to serve on the mission field in the future? May God raise up these little ones—Jesus says, “Suffer the little children to come unto Me.”

We will be having our annual board meeting May 30 – June 2. I get to help plan the menus and shop with Mom (she figures out the amounts). We will have a two-day Motorcycle Sunday School training time with the staff. This will be followed by a three-day Summit with our overseas staff that are able to come. Preparing material to teach a few classes will keep me busy!

Then, of course, there is the U.S. summer team that I have been assigned to lead. I will be leading a team to Uganda to film a promotion video for a secondary school of Teen Missions. There are about 600 students that attend and many of our orphans from the Rescue Units attend here for their education. Because the school is run by TMI, we have a very wide and open door to share Jesus with the students. Bible studies and prayer are part of the daily schedule. It’s amazing how much freedom there is in other countries for sharing Jesus publicly and here in the U.S., the door is closed very, very tight.

Lord willing, after filming the promotion, the team will return to the States and I will remain in Uganda for about three weeks and again help the new staff in any way that I can. I will also visit all of the Rescue Units. I then plan to fly on to Malawi and spend about 10 days visiting the Motorcycle Sunday Schools and visiting our newest Rescue Unit in the northern part of Malawi.

Returning back to the States, I will help cover the office while the staff are out on deputation or I may be back in time for cleaning up and getting organized for our 2013 year.

We already have all five Big Top tents up, thanks to work groups that came to help over the last two weeks. Chairs are getting set up, stages are being put in place and rally music groups will begin practice. The Boot Camp schedule is being worked on now. Our Boot Camp responsibilities are being assigned and on June 8, the first buses will roll into Boot Camp bringing the team members ready to meet their leaders and settle into their tent sites.

Please join us in prayer for: team members’ hearts to be open to the Lord’s voice, that God would speak to all of us through our time in private devotions, that the classes we attend will help prepare us for the projects that we will be involved all over the world, and that God will bring us all back safely to share the great things the Lord has taught us.

I would appreciate your prayers as a script still needs to be written for the promotion video. I need to learn the operations of the camera and downloading video onto my computer. Film teams have changed a lot and technology is very different than the olden days when I first started making gospel movies.

I am continually thankful for each and every one of you that support me through prayer and your sacrificial financial gifts that enable me to serve here at Teen Missions.

May the Lord bless and keep you.

Because of Him,


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