Snell, Andy and Carrie (Spring 2012)

Dear Family, Friends & Former Team Members,

It is beginning to look a lot like Boot Camp! The Lord’s Boot Camp is drawing near and the property is being prepared for 600 plus team members and leaders. The Big Top tents are up and the stage and chairs are being put into place. The books of the Bible for the obstacle course have been repainted, sound equipment and lights installed in the tents and rehearsals have begun for music and builders (a student ministry team that use wheelbarrows and tools with music to entertain).

Let me just start by saying, “Thank You”. You are the ones that keep this ministry operating by your constant prayers and your financial giving. We would not be able to do all of this if it weren’t for you.

We do have a praise in the department of money, Drew has raised all of his funds for his Peanut Team. He is very excited to be able to do this and is looking forward to making cookies and giving them out to soldiers and firefighters. (I believe he is more excited about eating the cookies that he makes!)

It is hard to believe that it is Boot Camp time again, it seemed just a short while ago that we were taking a team to Haiti and then starting the Bible School for the fall term. A few months later Andy took the students and some staff to hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail, then it was 6 months of overseeing the many retreats and work groups that visited the Retreat & Conference Center. This entailed overseeing their housing, meals and extra activities like canoeing, setting a bonfire or running a portion of the Obstacle Course. While it was busy, it was quite a blessing to have so many people enjoying the facilities. During this period of time we were also overseeing the Bible School and all of the needs of the student body.

Looking to the future, in May, Andy will be going to Toronto, Canada to help assemble a life-size replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle. We have two others going up in Wisconsin and South Carolina. The students are all able to go along with the groups to help at each location. This summer we had been planning to lead the team to Montana, but with all that we have been doing in the past year, we asked to be put on “summer staff”. While this position does not have the pressures of leading a team, we will still be busy helping to cover responsibilities wherever needed: answering the phones, mowing, cleaning up the property, driving airport bus runs, cooking in the kitchen, teaching classes at Debrief, etc. We are excited for the change in pace and the opportunity to work as a family without overseeing a program. As soon as the teams are back and the summer comes to a close, it will be back to the busy routine with the Bible School beginning a new term with new students and the Retreat & Conference Center preparing for upcoming groups.

Please continue to keep us and the many teams going out this summer in your prayers. If you are interested in following the progress of the summer teams by viewing their weekly reports, please go to the website:

Once again, we are grateful for your prayers, friendship and financial support. You make the difference!

Because of Him, Andy, Carrie, Bekah & Drew

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