Bauman, Adam (Spring 2012)

Big Top Day 2012

Greetings Friends and Family,

I just want to take this time and tell of all the great things that God has done. My goal is for the readers of this letter to get excited about the work of the Lord. God is moving in people’s lives! Teens all around the world are getting saved! Teens all around the world are giving up their alcohol, their witchcraft, their pornography because of what God is doing in their lives through the ministry of Teen Missions! Their hearts are being healed by the King of Kings and the Lord of Lord’s! Teens are coming to the realization that God loves and cares for them deeply. I love and care for teens exceedingly and I get excited when God works in their lives. If this is not a miracle then I don’t know what the definition of a miracle is.

In Honduras Teen Missions does a Boot Camp every winter. By Boot Camp, I mean a missionary training camp for teens. After the training is complete at this camp, all the teens are commissioned into the mission field and they go out and share God’s love with people.

There was one teen girl who signed up for this program. She signed up for a team that required a lot of walking. The only problem was the fact that all of her life she suffered from having one leg longer than the other. The staff who ran the Teen Missions camp said that she should probably sign up for a team that required less walking on account of her condition. She knew that God had called her to this particular team and this girl convinced the staff to allow her to come on this team. After the training, she and the rest of her team walked many miles to a particular village and the Lord gave her the strength and ability to walk. When they got to the village, they found only two people and these two people could not hear what these teens were saying because the two people were both deaf. The team became very discouraged and thought that they did all this walking in vain. The girl, with the malformed leg, said, “Excuse me, just so you know, I know sign language.” This girl was able to communicate with these two people the gospel and they accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. We can all say that God is at work and greater things are still to come. Praise God!

Why Boot Camp?

Setting it Up

When one thinks of Boot Camp, they typically think of yelling, crawling in the mud and being told they’re a bunch of idiots. The Boot Camp at Teen Missions is nothing like that at all. Well, there may be a few slight similarities, but there is no verbal abuse whatsoever and the people running the Boot Camp are told never to yell at the teens. In fact, we are taught to reflect God’s love to these teens and show them kindness. So one asks, “Why is it such a good thing to have dozens of Boot Camps all around the world?”. I strongly believe in this ministry, maybe more than any other ministry I know of. Teens in this day and age have rebellious hearts and when they come to these Boot Camps, so many of them come home changed for the better. Many of them get saved. Many of them give up their sinful behavior and actually have a relationship with God for the first time in their lives. I’ve listed three reasons why I believe in this ministry so strongly. Reason # 1 – After Boot Camp, they go to the mission field and share God’s love. They get ministered to by ministering to others. For example, teens, that are hard-hearted, go to a village with a bunch of orphans. These hard-hearted teens love on the orphans, hug them, hold them in their arms, and tell them that Jesus loves them. These orphans soften the teen’s hard hearts and these teens get right with God. Not that I’m against youth group, but I wasn’t changed at youth group. God changed me when I started learning to serve others. Reason # 2 – They have to give up their video games, movies, cell phones, i-phones, i-pods, i-pads and anything that starts with the letter i. You may be thinking, “What’s so great about that? Isn’t that just being cruel to teens.” No, not at all. People would be surprised at how refreshing it is to give up those things for a time and allow the Holy Spirit to do a mighty work. When we give up these worldly things, it allows God to work in these teens lives in a more powerful way. People often allow worldly possessions to put a brick wall between them and God. Reason # 3 – They learn to spend time with God every day. Every day, for a half an hour, everyone is required to sit with their Bible and spend time talking to God and reading His Word. Often teens, that don’t have a relationship with God, don’t know what to do exactly. Sometimes they sit with their Bible and say, “Wait a minute. I’m actually supposed to sit here and talk to God. This is weird and new to me. Is God even real?” Then something clicks in their heart like a light bulb turning on. These teens, for the first time, actually start to develop a relationship with God. It’s exciting to see that happen in their lives. Many of them, who were once unsaved, get born again. I believe in this ministry. I want more Boot Camps to get started and I want more teens to come to Jesus. Pray for growth in the ministry!

A little about what’s happening in my life.

These past couple of months haven’t been the easiest months, especially since my engagement with has been called off. However, I’d rather focus this newsletter on the positive things. I’m thankful that God has placed me in His ministry and that I have the privilege of working with teens. Some of my projects at Teen Missions include helping set up Big Top tents for Boot Camp, filling a container full of clothes to go to orphans in Africa and many other jobs. One exciting thing occurred when me and a couple of Teen Mission’s Bible school students went to a neighborhood to share the gospel. We met these two young men and they accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. Praise God! Knowing this truth cannot be compared to the difficulties one goes through.

Outside of Teen Missions, I’ve been teaching 10th grade Sunday school and I’ve been helping out at my youth group. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, teenagers are in a huge crisis and desperately need God. I’m praying that revival will happen in our youth group and not one of these kids will give up on God. I praise God because recently severn teens in my youth group accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. God is still alive and is doing a mighty work.

Be a part. I appreciate your time in reading this newsletter. If you are as excited as I am about the work of the Lord, then I would love for you to be a part. I could not do the things I do without financial support and the prayers of others. If you would like to support me financially or pray for me, you can do so by following the instructions at the end of this newsletter. This coming August and September will be a time for me to raise money for this ministry so I’m always looking for churches or other groups to speak at. Email or call me if you would like me to come and speak somewhere. My phone number is (321) 615-7257 and my email address is [email protected] You can also see facts about my ministry at Speaking at Bible studies or churches would be a huge blessing to my ministry. Anyway, love you all. Take care and God bless.

In Christ,

Adam Bauman


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