Bland, Bob & Bernie (Spring 2012)

You are an important part of the team to reach the world for Christ by your prayers and financial support. Without you, we couldn’t do what the Lord has called us to. Thank you for your faithfulness. Now let us share some of what the Lord is doing.

TABERNACLE MINISTRY We now have three life-size replicas of the Old Testament Tabernacle. Staff are loading them up in the three semis. A BMW student, Chris, has painted the Tabernacle scene on the sides. The Tabernacles go to Hudson, Wisconsin with Teens for Christ, Orangeburg, South Carolina at Southern Methodist College and Toronto, Canada at Crossroads Christian Communications. They move out May 11th and will have tours till mid-October. Pray that many will accept Christ as they take the tour. They also promote AIDS Orphans, Motorcycle Sunday School Mission and Teen Missions teams.

MOTORCYCLE SUNDAY SCHOOL MISSION MSSM has now 114 Sunday schools operating in seven African countries. Great reports show many coming to Christ. The Sunday schools not only teach the Sunday school lesson, but also phonics to help people to learn to read and memory verses and quizzing to help hide God’s Word in their heart. We have printed 10,000 memory verse packets that not only have forty Bible memory verses, but opposite each verse is a phonics character. These packets are being taken over this summer and given to the MSSM members. We also have 5,000 boxes of crayons we are trying to get over with the summer teams. Our goal is to have 212 Sunday schools by 12/12/12.

MINI SUMMIT Several overseas TMI staff are coming for a three-day Summit on June 5, 6 and 7. There will be classes on water purifiers, phonics, motorcycle repair, quizzing, Sunday school organization, music, orphan games outreaches, medical classes and agriculture classes. Motorcycle Sunday school training will take place before the summit. This is in light of a planned expansion of MSSM.

BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK TRAINING CENTERS There are 24 BMWs training people as missionaries. There are six in Indonesia and a seventh is being built on the Indonesia/Malaysia border on the Indonesian side for Malaysians as they can cross the border without a visa. Florida BMW has one of the best groups of students ever. We hope to have one in Myanmar (Burma), where we are running a Boot Camp now or in Nagaland which is northeast India. TMI has 24 BMWs around the world. Over half of our 32 bases around the world are run by national missionaries trained in our BMWs.

TMI ANNUAL BOARD MEETING The annual board meeting runs May 30, 31 and June 1. Pray with us as we prepare items for the agenda. We are asking for a new large outreach in the ministry.

New Covered Sidewalk

TMI IMPROVEMENTS A new covered sidewalk is complete between the Boot Camp kitchen and the headquarters office. The pool has a handicap accessible chair, required by law. Five of the six tents are up for Boot Camp. We poured permanent anchors for each. We are presently building a thatched-roof bush Sunday school for Boot Camp training. The board has approved the purchase of 15 new 250cc motorcycles for a future Orphan Angels team in Madagascar.

ON THE ROAD, LORD WILLING Bernie and I leave at the end of April for a trip to the Southern Methodist College to lay out the site for the Old Testament Tabernacle, then on to Indianapolis to check on a loan to build a new church. Next to Columbus, Ohio, to check on a loan there and check on a site for the Tabernacle in 2013. We will spend two days in Chillicothe, then to Grove City, PA to pick up our daughter, Cathy, who will help us drive to Toronto to lay out the Tabernacle and train tour leaders. Next up, we head back to Orangeburg, SC to train the tour leaders there. Finally we are back to Florida with two weeks to prepare for the three days of Annual Board Meeting, two-day MSSM training, the three-day mini summit followed by the five Boot Camps. There are over 700 team members and leaders signed up for the Florida Boot Camp. Over 3,000 will go on overseas teams in 23 countries where we are running Boot Camps.

STOUTSVILLE CAMP MEETING I plan to speak at Stoutsville, Ohio Camp meeting July 15–18 and The Ohio Council of Christian Union Churches in Greenfield, Ohio, August 9–11. In September, we will be at our favorite places, Alma Homecoming and Mt. Tabor Church.

Boot Camp

Bernie is slowly recovering from foot surgery and some other health problems. We do not ever want to forget to praise God for all He does for us and also your prayers daily for us. Don’t forget you are appreciated so much.

Lord bless you.

Bob and Bernie


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