Bobb, Shannon and Vikki (Spring 2012)

Dear Friends and Family:

Big Top Day is over and that can only mean one thing— Boot Camp is just around the corner! We keep hearing everyone say, “I can’t believe it is April already!” It does seem like it wasn’t that long ago that we sent our teams home and now we are preparing for this year’s teams! I sure wish summer would approach just a little more slowly because we still have so much work and preparation to do!

Shannon has been busy teaching this term in our Bible school here in Florida. Minor Prophets is the class and he has only ten weeks to teach twelve books. We just finished up with our adult teams that we send out every winter/spring. It was good to see some familiar faces on the teams. He has several other duties going on besides preparing for our summer team. He continue to loading shipping containers to send to the orphans in Africa as well as bottling medicines that will be sent with the teams to also help the orphans. We are also putting the final touches on two new life-size tabernacles that will be going out this spring.

Borneo Map

We are so excited for this summer’s team. We are leading a group of teens to Borneo to start the construction on the Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center on the border of Indonesia and Malaysia. We are excited to lead this team knowing that our project will be a start to a great ministry to the people in Malaysia. This is primarily a construction team so we plan on some long, tiring days of physical work. This is one of the reasons we felt lead to serve with Teen Missions—is it is a hands-on ministry, working and living with the people we serve. We will be working alongside the national missionaries that serve at our base in Sosok about two hours away from this new school. The purpose of this school is to provide Christians in Malaysia with an opportunity to study God’s Word and be trained to be pastors and missionaries. What an opportunity it will be to enable God’s Word to reach a people in a closed, Muslim country! Canaan, who will also be leading this team, is excited as well. This is not his first trip to Indonesia; he was part of the first team to Papua (Indonesia). They built the school there that is currently training pastors and missionaries.

The property where we will be working is about eight acres of tropical jungle! Our team will finish clearing the property and will have just about four weeks to complete the first building on the campus. It is going to be a challenge, but we can already sense God at work on this project. Our team has grown to 17 members and is still growing! God is raising up young men and women to do His work! Please be praying for our team that we will have unity in purpose, safety, good health and “a mind to work!”

We continue to raise the cost for Canaan, Madison and Zoe to serve on this team. We know God is faithful and will complete the work He has begun in us! We have currently received 1/3 of the cost but still need over $6,000. Thank you to those of you who have already given!!

In closing, we are so excited to share a special event with you!

Taylor and the girls

We are pleased to announce that Lessie Taylor Bobb will receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications with a minor in Missions from Asbury University in Wimore, Kentucky on Saturday, the 5th of May at 12:00 p.m.

We are so proud of Taylor’s achievement. She has accepted a teaching position in China for the next two years beginning in August. This is her “dream job” and she has felt a calling to go to Asia since 2008 when she went to Cambodia. Please pray for a smooth adjustment for her and also that she will be able to find a summer job now before she leaves. Soon, our girl is going to be halfway around the world, however, we continue to remind ourselves God has given us stewardship of our children and not ownership. We are so proud of Taylor for following God’s Will.

We also have one more very important prayer request. We have begun to earnestly praying for God to heal Canaan of his epilepsy. He has had three seizures since starting college last fall. We pray that God will completely heal him so that he can follow God’s leading in his life to serve in Russia in the near future. Will you please join with us in praying for Canaan?

Thank you all so much for your encouragement, love and support. We are so blessed with so many who make it possible for us to serve where God has called us!! You are such a blessing to the Bobb family and to the ministry of Teen Missions as well!

In Christ,

Shannon and Vikki Bobb Colossians 3:23


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  1. Carlyn Bosworth

    Hello!! Thank you for being so sweet to my daughter Roni as she attended boot camp this summer. She is going to be a student in the fall and looks forward to working with you. She said so in her letters home. God Bless you for your love and kindness to all the kids! I will pray for your summer mission also! Lots of praying going on in this Mom’s heart…the longest time “my baby girl” has been away. Thank you! Carlyn Bosworth

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