Chambers, AmyAnn (Spring 2012)

Dearest Family and Friends,

Clown-in around

The Creative EV Workshop did not have the outcome I was hoping for. Only 2 kids were there (both kids were children of Teen Missions’ staff), but we did the program anyway. Both kids had a great time with the Bible students, making puppets and watching skits. I was able to wear a clown outfit and make them balloons. It was a lot of fun. Thank you for praying for the event, it did go well, even if it wasn’t what I was anticipating.

I had also asked for prayer for the Spiritual Life II class I was teaching. The term ended and it went well. The students are growing so much and I love watching them get closer to the Lord. I am not teaching a class this term, but I have been asked to coordinate something we call “The Builders.” Builders was started a few years ago. It is a program that the Bible school students do for the kids at the evening rallies during Boot Camp. It is a very unique show that uses wheelbarrows and different carpentry tools in choreography and skits. My job with this program is to come up with the music and routines. The students started practicing a few weeks ago and are doing a great job. Please pray for the students’ safety and that there will be no future injuries.

Big Top 1 ready to go up

We got the big tents up and the summer is streaming in very rapidly. It is hard to believe it is already time for another team and for another round of summer puppet classes. My prayer is the same as every year, that everyone who comes on a team will leave knowing Christ personally and walk away from the summer better than when they came. I want God to use me in a mighty way this summer. When I first came to Teen Missions, I was a teenager. I had so many issues. God used Teen Missions to get my attention through my leader, Sandi Roach. She had no idea at the time, but I watched her all summer. Every time I saw her, she was showing me Christ by how she lived. So, when the kids that come do things, which get under my skin, or I get discouraged thinking I am not doing anything important, I think of when I was a team member watching my leader. We never know when someone is watching us. I want to live my life as an example, even when there are no eyes on me. God sees me every moment of every day and it is my responsibility to live a life pleasing in His sight as He gives me the ability to do so.

Fun on the beach with friends

I love following God’s plan for my life, it is never boring, that’s for sure! As I trust and obey Him, He brings me through one adventure after another. Each adventure might not be the one I had in mind, but they will be good for me or someone else. Please pray I remember that this summer and for the rest of my life.

In His Loving Arms,

Amyann Chambers

Please join me in praying for:

* My parents. My dad hurt his leg and is on crutches, pray he heals quickly. My mom fell and hit her head and side, pray nothing is damaged. * More monthly financial support

* That I will be a blessing and inspiration to the people around me

Bible puppets going overseas

Please join me in praising God for:

* My class and the workshop going well * Volunteers that helped me get all the Bible puppets finished. * The strength and reliability of a loving God


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