Deegan, Sean and Sharon (Spring 2012)

Hello to our wonderful friends, families, former team members and leaders! What a blessing it is to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We hope and trust that your celebrations were eventful and full of wonderful memories with family and friends. Praise the Lord for the ultimate sacrifice He gave on the cross so that we may be saved!

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to go back to Trinidad this summer. Sean is thoroughly excited to finally introduce his family to all of his dear friends that he has made there and we are very excited to finally meet them. The project will be to continue working on the house that the team began construction on last summer. The kids are getting excited to finally see where Daddy spent his summer last year and I am excited to have a team. Being pregnant during the summer time here in Florida can be very uncomfortable, but not being able to lead a team can be disheartening. Having the chance to lead a summer team is such a joy and we look forward to it every year. We also love that our own children can see what serving the Lord is like first hand by coming with us on these missions trips. It is a blessing to have our kids with us and make many friends in this ministry both here in the States and overseas. We are, however, in need of more finances for children to join us this summer. If you would like to bless us in this way, there is a coupon in this newsletter that gives instructions on how to do so. Thank you—you are blessing us even now by reading this newsletter.

Kieley is continuing to amaze us in how much she learns and how fast she grows. She will be starting school this summer and homeschooling will “officially” begin. She is already doing very well with her schooling that we have begun when she was younger. Her reading and writing are both getting much better and she really does enjoy our school time, although she is a bit sad to not be able to ride in a school bus. She has grown into such a beautiful little lady with so much love and curiosity. She asks so many questions about the world around her and yearns to learn more about God and why Jesus died on the cross for us. Our fervent prayer is for our children to to have a yearning to serve and love Him just as we do.



Aiden is also growing more and more each day. Potty training is becoming a great success, Praise the Lord! He is truly a little man and a joy in our hearts. He has these cute little quirks about him that entertains us daily. His little face is so sweet and cute, it always seems to make us smile. He is also talking so much more now. It is always fun to hold a conversation with a lively two year old boy, especially when not many other people can understand what he is saying. The joys of being a parent! Cailyn is most certainly the sweetest little baby! We cannot get enough of her and her beautiful little face. She will be seven months soon and we can’t believe how fast those months have gone by. It is amazing that she is the only one of our kids to have brown eyes while the other two have deep blue. With those brown eyes and her smile, our hearts are captured over and over again. She is so close to crawling—right now, it is more of an ARMY crawl—so adorable. It is so fun to watch her brother and sister make her laugh. They really love their baby sister. Aiden even calls her “his baby”.


Sean has been moved to the Video Department now, and he is really enjoying it. He gets to take part in making many of the videos. It is very different from anything else he has done in the offices and it is a learning experience that he is enjoying. He is always willing to try new things and being in this department lets him do just that. I believe the job I have is one of the most rewarding. Being a stay at home mom is such a joy. I get to teach our children in the ways the Lord would have us and have the opportunity to watch them grow in every way. I am very grateful for this and hope and pray that the Lord will give me the wisdom and knowledge to do what is right.

We ask that you would keep us in your prayers as we continue to do the work the Lord has called us to do. Also, that we may be the parents the Lord has called us to be and raise our children in love. Thank you for taking part of our journey through your support whether it be by prayer and/or finances. May the Lord continue to bless you and yours and may His face always shine upon you. God bless!

The Deegans


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