Petersen, Doug and Barb (Spring 2012)

But thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ Jesus…. II Cor. 2:14

Greetings from our beloved Africa! We love you and trust that all is well with everyone at home. We are grateful for your love and your friendship. We would like to share a bit of the latest news from Zambia.

Barb with the BMW students in the classroom

Visitors: Since Christmas we have had guests from the States. Our assistant director, Kathy Vanderpool, and her brother in law, Jim Paisley, came after visiting Uganda. Josiah Frey, a BMW graduate from TMI in Florida, came with them. While they were here, Kathy and Doug went over business things, Jim worked on the vehicles, and Josiah went on the Sunday School Circuit out in the bush. A ladies team of six came a few weeks ago. They did gardening, planted moringa trees, and worked with the Dola Hill Sunday School. They also interacted with the women that come for nutritional classes at our base. These local moms get to take home some pounded ground nuts, inely ground maize, and other ingredients to make a porridge to boost their babies health.

Next: We have two more sets of visitors coming to work on preparing the motorcycles for the summer teams and to volunteer wherever needed.

Currently: The Lufwanyama Boot Camp is running under Nelson Chimbila’s leadership. He goes on to the Congo to run a Boot Camp in July and August.

U.S. Plans: We leave for the States on April 16th. We will be home when this letter gets put into the mail. Our main purpose is to be involved with the summer Boot Camp, attend Teen Missions’ meetings and the Mission Conference. Not to mention, we love to see our family and stock up again on things we cannot get here. For example, Doug’s shoes, they don’t have his size in Zambia. Eleven is the largest size they make.

Motorcycle Sunday School Mission: We would like to include two stories from the Sims Circuit. Steve Kasoma is the Circuit Rider. Steve and others who serve deep in the bush really are counting the cost to follow Jesus. We commend them.

Circuit Rider Steven Kasoma

A couple of excerpts from Steve Kasoma’s written reports:

***On Feb 16, 2012 I was coming from Nyambala going to Mwemwe, it is about 9 kilometers.I travelled about 3 to 4 k’s and I heard a noise in the bush and the small trees were shaking. I stopped, looked up, and saw 6 elephants coming in front of the road. I asked myself if I was dreaming or not. Then I realized that it’s real. I thought I should stand very still. The one that was leading looked straight at where I was and reared. It was about 600 meters away and the road was slippery, I can’t  ride fast. Then it reared the second time and turned back. They started moving and they were moving very fast. I waited about 5 minutes and started the bike and reached Mwemwe safely.

I shared the story when I arrived and in two hours time, this story had reached every corner of Mwemwe. According to villagers these elephants do pass annually and they always take the same route. They will come back after 3 months, using that route. I failed to believe I would see elephants or to understand this, but I just thank God for His protection. It is true that taking the Gospel is not an easy work, but I will never stop and nothing shall be able to separate us from the love of God. Amen.

***It was Thursday morning, the 8th of March, and I was feeling weak. On my mind was that maybe, it is because I got soaked with rain while riding my bike in mud. It had been around 8 hours and I was with this kid, who helps me. I was starting off to Nyambala for Sunday School programs and the road was slippery and watery. Riding on slippery roads you have to use strength. So, I was applying much strength to hold the hand bar. I had travelled almost 12 k’s and was deep in the bush with the kid who cannot ride a bike. I started feeling cold and I knew this is nothing but malaria. That is why I had to return. I prayed all of the way. It was very difficult. And God helped me to reach home, because I was praying.

I went to the village clinic and they had no malaria medicine. The headache had started. I just asked God, “Let your will be done.” But one of the health workers is a good friend and he used his phone to call another clinic to see if they had malaria drugs. By God’s grace they had some, and he said, “Please give someone who comes to this place a course for malaria.” It was about 15 k’s to that clinic. Fortunately, I got the medicine in about 3 hours. Only God can do such a miracle. Without Him, I don’t know what would have happened to my life. Thank you, God.

Adult Work Team

We thank God for the words of the Apostle Paul. “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Phil. 1:21

For more stories from the Teen Missions ministry in Zambia, you may check on the Teen Missions website, if you would like.

We want to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for your gracious love, support, prayers, and friendship. We love serving the Lord here in Zambia. It is a joy to be with the family of God and to have the opportunity to teach and serve with young men and women of God. We see growth in their hearts and fruit in their ministry. We give God ALL of the Glory, for without Him we can do nothing. We also want you to know that your support is working on your behalf and laying up treasures for you in heaven.

Thank you for joining your hands with ours as we labor together.

In His Harvest, Doug and Barb Petersen


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