Fast, Ryan and Erin (Spring 2012)

Dear Friends and Family-

It’s hard to believe that Boot Camp is just around the corner. The Big Top is up and preparations are being made for the 700+ participants who will be trained at The Lord’s Boot Camp before they travel throughout the world this year on mission trips. Ryan is looking forward to

Ryan and his helpers at Winter Jam

traveling to Florida in early May to help with setting everything up, then Erin and the kids will join him in June to meet our team of teenagers we are taking to Russia! Our team is an evangelism team, which will run a Teen Missions Overseas Boot Camp. After training national youth in mission work our North American team will join with the Russians using sports to present the Gospel during the half-times of soccer and volleyball scrimmages. Micah and Abby are already talking about their team and asking questions about what life in Russia will be like.

Abby & Daddy on a hike in Pinnacles National Park

Promotions: This spring has been very full for us. As we mentioned in our last newsletter, Ryan spent the month of January doing promotions on the East Coast with the Winter Jam concert tour. Traveling on the bus with New Song, Ryan would start his day at each venue around 9 AM, set up his booth, train Teen Mission Volunteers, interact with concert goes, share at a youth leader reception, present from the main stage in front of crowds of up to 18,000 people, generally ending his day back on the bus by 1 AM!!! Needless to say his time on the road with this music tour was unlike anything he had ever done before. We have seen numerous youth and leaders sign up as a result of the promotional activity with Winter Jam. Ryan is already looking forward to returning to the tour this fall, where it will travel throughout the West Coast.

Once he returned from the East Coast tour Ryan was able to shift his promotional focus back to the West Coast. February through March included travels to the southern Oregon coast, southern California, and central California. Many churches and schools in these areas were excited to hear about the work that Teen Missions is doing around the world and are already planning for Ryan’s return next year. We are blessed to say that we’ve seen 57 youth register for summer teams as a direct result of our ministry out here on the West Coast this year! We praise the Lord for this very fruitful year.

Our new home

The Home Front: Life on the home front has been as busy. Abby started participating in a community center preschool program two days/ week. She loves going and tells us all about her little friends in her class. Micah experienced his first minor day surgery at the end of February. He had his tonsils and adenoids removed. For the past 2-3 years he has been experiencing severe snoring and it had developed into sleep apnea. The recovery was slow, but he is doing great now! We haven’t heard him snore once since the surgery and his nighttime breathing seems to have returned to normal.

In March we were blessed with a huge answer to prayer. With the assistance of Erin’s parents we were able to purchase our first home. We are excited to have a space of our own for our kids to begin to establish routine and use for ministry. The home is within 10 minutes of Erin’s parent’s house and in the same school boundaries of Micah’s school, which is important to us. It has two acres of flat land and the potential to be used for the Lord in some exciting ways. It has required a lot of work though to make it livable, so every spare hour over the past month has been spent on the remodel. We thank the Lord for all of our friends and family in the Portland area who have given generously of their time and energy to help us on our home. One of the aspects we are excited about is that it has an extra bedroom, which we can use to host an intern from Teen Missions or local Bible school student who may need housing. We are praying that we will be able

Abby helps with the home remodel

to move into the home before we leave for Florida this summer.

Please continue to join with us in prayer for our financial support. We continue to be amazed at the Lord’s provision for our needs. We thank Him for providing EXACTLY what we have required for this summer and are excited to say that our financial needs to travel to Russia this summer are covered! We have been witness to people committing to partner with us on a monthly basis but we are continuing to pray for more individuals to join with us so that we can have full support. We are currently at 80% of our financial need. Additionally, we are looking for a new vehicle. At end of March our family minivan was in an accident and was totaled, thankfully everyone was OK and it was 100% the other driver’s fault. We have gotten a small insurance settlement from it but not enough to cover the cost of an equivalent replacement vehicle. Please pray for God’s provision in this matter and for wisdom as we make a decision concerning a new vehicle.

Prayer Requests: As we’ve been writing this we have just felt burdened to share with you some ways that you can pray for us and the ministry of Teen Missions this summer. Please pray for:

• Our team members on our trip to Russia as they prepare to

participate this summer. For their financial provision

financially and their emotional and spiritual preparedness.

• Our family as we prepare to enter our 3rd summer on staff with

Teen Missions.

• Pray that we will be sensitive to God’s leading this summer in and through the lives of our team and our family.

Micah shows off his latest discovery at the science museum

Pray for Micah as he participates in his first Peanut Team mission trip through Teen Missions that he will see God through the work that he does.

Thank you again for all of your prayers, words of encouragement and support for the ministry that the Lord has laid before us with Teen Missions.

In Him, The Fasts


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