Kozlowski, Allie (Spring 2012)

Lacing up the Big Top

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Yesterday was Big Top Day – we all set up the tent that will be used as a meeting place for the teenagers who come to Boot Camp. I can’t believe that the summer is just around the corner! There is still so much to do in preparation for the summer mission trips and the team members will be here before we know it. As of now, we have around 700 people signed up for teams this year. Praise the Lord!

In the Promotions Office, I am staying busy with organizing files, inventorying brochures, setting up speaking engagements, and promoting at local events. I have also been one of the receptionists at the front office of Teen Missions. I enjoy answering the phone and greeting people as they come in the door. Another responsibility I have undertaken is that of helping with the Teen Missions Builders.

My Roomies and Me in our Home

My friend AmyAnn and I are creating choreography that involves wheelbarrows and then teaching the routines to the Bible School Students. The students (aka the Builders) will perform at Boot Camp this summer. We have a good time doing Builders. The worship team at Island Community Church, my church here in Florida, has been such a blessing to me. We have a great bunch of people and we really love praising the Lord, not only on Sunday, but also during our practices. I have been learning so much from the lead guitarist, Mike. My ability has improved greatly and God has already provided a way to serve Him with that talent both on the worship team and by teaching two of the staff kids how to play guitar.

I am staying very busy at my trailer with home repairs and renovations. I have almost finished repainting the entire trailer and it is looking very nice. I am making a 30+ year old trailer look brand new. I am also learning a lot of things about home maintenance. For example, I have learned how to entirely replace a floor, how to install wood flooring, how to do electrical work, how to fix a ventilation fan (and how to kill the many wasps living in the exhaust pipe!), how to decorate like a pro, and how to fix various things such as blinds, doors, curtain rods, window screens, nicked furniture, cabinets, drawers, shelves, water damaged ceilings, drains, and hanging lamps. I have many more projects planned as well. It sure keeps me busy, but it is also exciting to see the trailer transformed.

Hats for Hope


Spiritually and emotionally, I have been doing MUCH better since writing my last newsletter. I thank you all for the prayers and encouragement you have given me – it is much appreciated. I praise God for His faithfulness through the difficult times. Although I have been very tired lately, the joy of the Lord has been my strength. I have adjusted to my depression medicine and this positive change in my emotional state has helped me to focus on my relationship  with God more. I have also been learning how to be more assertive in my daily life and to be less critical of those around me and even of myself.

I have taken up the hobby of knitting and, over the past few months, have made piles of warm hats. What am I going to do with so many hats? Well, I had planned to take them on my summer team to Zambia to give to the orphans so they can keep their heads warm in the cold weather. However, I have recently had a change of plans regarding my summer trip. I was going to be the head leader on Orphan Angels, the motorcycle team to Zambia. However, I will now be going as a backup leader to Trinidad, leading with a staff couple (the Deegans) and my roommate Amanda. Trinidad is the southernmost island in the Caribbean. The project is to continue construction on a church and pastor’s house. There will also be opportunities to evangelize while we are there. This change in where I am going for the summer happened very recently and I do not have much time to raise the needed support for the team. I am asking that you would consider helping me both prayerfully and financially by filling out the included coupon so I may be able to lead this team to Trinidad. For those of you who were interested in helping, or have already helped with Hats for Hope, I will now be sending the hats to Malawi with my good friends, Mat and Heni Wylie. They coordinate the Malawi base and will be honored to deliver the hats to the children in that country.

The ICC Worship Team

Thank you so much for everything you do to make this service possible. May God bless you.

Serving God,

Allie Kozlowski

867 East Hall Rd, Merritt Island FL 32953

[email protected] Phil 4:6-8


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