Dates: June 8 – July 31, 2013 (#13009)


Ignite your sense of adventure as you travel to Mongolia, “The Land of Blue Skies”, where mystery meets majesty in a country knownfor its incredible landscapes, abundant wildlife and legendary hospitality. You will be building a foundation of hope for unreached nomadic peoples by starting construction on a Bible School where future missionaries will be trained.

Begin your journey at The Lord’s Boot Camp, where you and your teammates will prepare for this experience unlike any other. After Commissioning, you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Atlanta, Georgia and on to Seoul, South Korea before arriving in Ulaan Bataar, the capital of Mongolia.

Upon arrival, you bus from the airport to your project site. The skills you acquired at Boot Camp will be put to use as you begin construction on the future Teen Missions in Mongolia Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center. Live like a nomad as you sleep in traditional “yurts” (tents made from felt and wood), do your bathing and laundry in a bucket, all while enjoying the untouched beauty of the Mongolian countryside. You may visit a nearby town where Mongolian cashmere, traditional clothing, and stuffed camels may be purchased. You may also have the opportunity to ride a legendary Mongolian horse or camel!

Estimated Project Expense between: $4590-4790 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. Hey, I was wondering about this trip, is there still available places? If so, how many? Thanks THIS TEAM WAS CANCELLED DUE TO A LACK OF REGISTRATIONS.

  2. So this trip has two more days than last years early boot camp? Are the days gonna be spent on the field or in debrief?

  3. Two questions:

    Will the Mongolia team spend any time in China this time?

    Will the team help with the Mongolian boot camp?


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