Scotland Mission Trip

See for yourself the “bonny hills” of Scotland, rich in history, culture andfolklore. After your Boot Camp training is complete, you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and on to Glasgow, Scotland. From Glasgow you bus three hours to the Windmill Christian Centre, that sits on a hilloverlooking the North Sea in Arbroath.

You will spend a week painting, landscaping and doing cleanup projects to prepare for their summer camp ministry. You will visit Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland and shop on the Royal Mile. Tartan plaid, china tea sets, kilts, bagpipes and shortbread are just some of the souvenirs available.

Visiting Edinburgh Castle and seeing the crown jewels of Scotland will be an adventure. You can see for miles from the top of this incredible fortress, which sits high above the city. After your time here, you travel north to Inverness, where you will be involved in community ministry with the Highlands & Islands Youth For Christ. Your evangelism skills, learned at Boot Camp, will be put to good use as you share in area churches, youth meetings and at the YMCA coffee shop. Housing will be in buildings with showers available.


Project Expense: $3990 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Should we pack both work clothing and casual clothing for this trip? THE INDIVIDUAL TEAM FACT SHEETS WILL BE OUT BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH AND A PACKING LIST WILL BE INCLUDED.

  2. AHH i cant wait!! All i think about is going back!

  3. I would love to go but my parents aren’t sure about me leaving the country alone do u no any way I can convince them. WE DO HAVE A US TEAM IF THAT WOULD MAKE THEM FEEL BETTER ABOUT IT.


  5. The lady who called me to follow up on my card from Winter Jam said to call your office today. It’s 12:06am EST? Is that too early to call? 🙂 I’ve been trying to get to do mission work in Scotland for 13 yrs. I’m not sure I can wait for you offices to open! I may very well explode from anticipation. HI, THE OFFICES ARE OPEN FROM 8:30-12 AND 1-5 EST.

  6. Is there still room? YES.

  7. Where is the boot camp at? I live in Illinois so I’m not sure how all that works? JAMIE, BOOT CAMP AND DEBRIEF ARE IN MERRITT ISLAND, FLORID.

  8. I was wondering if there was still room because I’m 13 and have a heart for going to the nations. I’ve been to Indonesia and lived in Africa with my family and it’s always been in my heart to go to Europe. If you could get back to me that would be awesome!!(: RACHEL, THERE IS STILL ROOM.

  9. Just got my first call after sending form and was asked where it felt God was telling me to go. When I saw that Scotland was one area I thought my maybe I should go where my family originated, good old Scotland.

  10. Is there still room on this team? ALEXIS-YES.

  11. is there any room left for girls??

  12. I was wondering about the need of a computer ID#. I searched around a little and saw something about there no longer being a need for it, but it was a post from 2010, is that still in effect? SCARLETT, WE NO LONGER USE THE COMPUTER ID, SO DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT.

  13. is this still open?

  14. How many more girls can go? Thank you!

  15. How many more girls can go?

  16. Our Church had a retreat at the Windmill Christian Centre last fall. It’s a nice place. A really beautiful old building that has undergone a lot of work lately. I can’t wait to see the work this team does with it. Each room can house 6-8 people and as I recall each room had either a bath or shower, so lucky lucky team! Within walking distance is a light house, cliff walks, an old Abby, and some of the best fish and chip shops in Scotland. Beth will you be leading this team? Since you will all be in Edinburgh I would love for the team to come do a presentation for my church. 🙂

  17. Is there still room on this team?? (:

  18. I was born in Scotland! If I went could I visit my aunts?

  19. Are there any spots left?? How nmany??

  20. This trip sounds like an amazing way to serve the Lord in such a unique and beautiful part of the world. I am definitely considering going, Lord willing.

  21. Is there going to be a Scotland missions trip in the summer of 2014? I was also wondering, since I live in Pennsylvania would the flight to the Lord’s Boot Camp in Florida be included in the overall price? Thank you Miss Beth 🙂

  22. beth kostner, i am 12 but my birthday is in feburary i would like to know if i could go to the teen scotland trip????

  23. I am registered, but I have a few questions about the trip…should I email someone or ask on here?

  24. How much room is remaining?

  25. Thank you Miss Beth. 🙂

  26. My brother went last summer and he wants to go again this summer. So, I was thinking about going with him, and Scotland looks good because we both want to do something that involves building or clearing out or whatever. I personally hate talking in front of people so what exactly would we have to be doing for the church, youth group, and YMCA and how often would be doing it?

    • Devon, The Scotland team will not be doing a whole lot of work, but will be doing more evangelism. If your desire is to “work”, then you should probably choose more of a team with a bigger “work” project.

  27. Still room for a few guys?

  28. I have two sons and a daughter. I would like my daughter to be on the same team of Australia or Scotland with one of her brothers. Is that possible?

  29. Still room? (for guys)

  30. I’m about to send in my registration for the Scotland mission trip, however I was wondering when the two week boot camp would be? Would it be in late May? Because I can’t miss any school.

  31. Savanah Christman

    Is there still room on the Scotland mission?

  32. Hi, May I ask why the Spain Trip was cancelled? Thank you.

  33. How full is this trip for boys?

  34. how many people are able to go. i am extremely interested in doing this.

    • Shelby, We will put up to 25 on each team. However, the Madagascar team will be fewer depending on the number of motorcycles we have there.

  35. My friend and I want to go on this trip. However, he is 18 now, but he’ll be 19 by time the mission trip comes around… Is he still allowed to attend, or will he be too old?

  36. How many people are there usually in a group for each place?

  37. Cassidy Elizabeth Clyde

    Planning on going on this team :)With my bro Thomas Clyde 😀 😀 Are there laundry facilities or buckets? Not that we mind doing laundry out of buckets, we’re FTMs. 😀

  38. This sounds stellar, Please send me more information! I would love this opportunity!

  39. This sounds amazing! I really want to be a part of this trip.

  40. Please email me more information!

  41. I really would like to learn more techniques in disciple ship. I also would love the chance to go Scottland

  42. Wait. what happens if only less than 10 people go??????

  43. this sounds so cool!!!!! i hope i can go

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