Vanuatu Fiji Mission Trip

Spend this summer in Vanuatu, located in the South Pacific, a jungle island paradise that you will never forget! Tucked away amongst the thickgreen rainforest of Pentecost Island are many villages which desperately need to hear the Good News of Jesus.

After flying from Orlando International Airport via Los Angeles and Nadi, Fiji, you arrive in Port Vila, the nation’s capital. You will board a small plane for a one-hour fight to Pentecost Island, home of the first bungee jump, then to the village of  Lonoroe.

After landing, you will travel “island style,” in the back of a ute (small truck), one hour to Ranmawot Mission where you will work renovating the Ranmawot Health Center. Housing will be in dorms. Showers are available and laundry will be done using buckets. On weekends, you will hike to remote villages to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ using puppets, music, drama and testimonies.

At Waterfall Village you will have the opportunity for some rest and relaxation as you bathe in the cool waters of a beautiful river beneath a picturesque waterfall. You will be overwhelmed by the friendliness and generosity of the local people and be inspired by the joy they have, even with the little they own. Before returning to Florida you may stop in Port Vila where you have a chance to purchase souvenirs such as wood carvings, bush knives, sarongs, jewelry and woven bags to remember your island adventure.

Dates: June 8 – July 31, 2012 – Early Boot Camp

Project Expense: $4890 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee 

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Are spots still availible?? YES.

  2. Hey, is there any chance that I could slowly work off the price of the trip? I know about the prayer cards but if I don’t get all the money what would happen exactly? WE WILL CALL YOU BEFORE WE DO THE FINAL BOOKING OF THE AIRLINE TICKETS. AT THAT POINT, YOU CAN SWITCH TO A CHEAPER TEAM. IF THAT IS WHERE THE LORD WANTS YOU, HE WILL PROVIDE, BUT YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK OF SENDING OUT YOUR LETTERS AND SEEKING SUPPORT.

  3. Hello, Do you have openings for people from Canada? My best friend and I are possibly interested. Thank you and God Bless YES, THERE ARE OPENINGS FOR BOTH OF YOU ON VANUATU.

  4. are there still spots open? or is it too late? YES

  5. WOW! That was fast! Thanks!

  6. How far will we be hiking on this tip? KORIE, IT SHOULD JUST BE DAY HIKES FOR THE MOST PART.

  7. This trip sounds amazing!

  8. Are there still spots left for girls? LAUREN, VANUATU IS STILL OPEN.

  9. I actually signed up for this trip, but decided not to do it…how do I take myself off the list? RACHEL, YOU CAN CALL OR EMAIL THE OFFICE.

  10. Hey guys, I have created a group on Facebook called Vanuatu/Fiji TMI 2013. I went on a team last year so feel free to ask me any questions on Facebook. I know raising money seems like a huge task, but God is capable of anything!

  11. I can be a leader? Is there room for that? Can someone give me info on applying for that? What’s the difference between being a leader and a team member? I would love to do the leader role! ASHLEY, PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE TODAY AND ASK FOR LEADER PLACEMENT.

  12. Also, I am 21… am I too old to go on this trip? ASHLEY, WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED IN BEING ONE OF THE LEADERS?

  13. Is there still room for this trip available? I really feel as if I am called to do this trip. YES!

  14. Hey im really intrested in going on this trip and i was just curious if there were any more openings

  15. Is there still room left? JOEL- YES, VANUATU IS STILL OPEN.

  16. Hi! I was just wondering if this was more of a work team than an EV team. Thanks!

  17. Hi I’m Wilsey Brumsickle and my friend and I have are from washington and have never done missions before. I would be so ridiculously happy to go on this trip but I don’t know where to start or even if it’s possible at this point to go. I would do anything to go. Any ideas where to get started?

    • Wilsey, The first thing you need to do is register. You can go to our website and do that. We will send you prayer cards and letters to send out to friends and family to help you raise your support.

  18. Isabelle Christensen

    Mrs. Beth, have any more kids signed up? I keep asking because I might have a friend that wants to come but doesn’t know for sure yet. Thank you! 😀

  19. Hello, my name is Manda Turner Harris. As a 14 year old, I was on Team 95048/Thailand. Greatest summer of my life. While it was one of the more expensive teams, at the time- $3500+, the money will come. You will be amazed at how the members of your church will support you. I was very nervouse about having to raise the funds on my own, as I am NOT a Sales kind of woman! Teen Missions will provide you with Prayer Cards that have your photo on them (or at least they did back in my day!), and you simply place soe in your church and mail out the rest to members of your church, friends, and family. I was bless, as my first ‘donation’ was $1,000. It was all downhill for there. The money came quickly, and I raised well over what I needed for the trip. Also, my understanding is that any excess will be applied to those of the team that may be a bit under.
    Don’t panic over the cost- if the Lord wants you to have this experie ce, he will provide!

  20. Is there any way to get sponsored? I am very interested in being able to help, but I am tight on money.

  21. Isabelle Christensen

    Mrs. Kostner, I was also wondering if we can write more than 2 letters from Boot Camp and more than 1 from the field?

  22. Isabelle Christensen

    Mrs. Kostner? do you know how many girls and boys are already signed up?

  23. Im really interested in doing this! Would we have any contact with our families at home while out there? And how many spaces are available for girls?

    • Caroline, You are required to write two letters from Boot Camp and one from the field. You can call home after Boot Camp and before flying to Vanuatu. The leaders will be posting two reports a week on our web site while in Vanuatu.

  24. Isabelle Christensen

    Mrs. Kostner? I was wondering if I would get kicked off the team if I didn’t get the noterized papers in on time, because I am really busy with school and I haven’t gotten too much fundraising done also because my mom hurt both of her feet and we couldn’t walk around asking for sponsers too much. If I have been kicked off would I be able to sign up again, my mom’s feet are healed now and we can start fundraising again. I REALLY feel that the Lord has called me onto this trip.

    • Isabelle, You will not get kicked off the team for not getting your paperwork/finances to us in time. We will only cancel you if you request it or if we cannot get in touch with you before final ticketing in the spring.

  25. Im from Alaska and im wondering if I have to like fly somewhere on my own first so I can meet up with you guys or something. I’m kinda confused :p.. haha

    • Emily, You would need to secure round-trip transportation to/from Orlando, FL. You will go through Boot Camp training, go to your project site and then attend Debrief before flying back home.

  26. Hi! I wondering what we would be doing during the week days because it says will be going to the villages on weekends?

  27. Ok thank you!! 😀

  28. I was wondering… How many spots are left on this team as I was thinking about going on this trip. 🙂 Thanks!

  29. So Just wondering, if we don’t have the money for this, how can we raise the money for it?

    • Eric, Almost all the team members/leaders raise their own support. We provide prayer cards and letters that you can send to friends and family to help you raise the needed support.

  30. Is this an EV team? Do you think visa’s will be required?

    • Joel, It is both a work and EV team. I don’t think visas are needed, but a passport is needed. All that information is sent later in the spring.

  31. hey teen missions, if you have diabetes or any other illness how would we get medical sevess here?

  32. Josh, this is a Teen team. So the same ages still apply: 13-19 Yrs.

  33. How long will staying in the waterfall village?

  34. Is there an age limit on this or is it as long as you’re in high school.
    Also, can we barter or is there a form of currency?

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