Maher, Tom & Linda (Spring 2012)

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He s a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” Hebrews ll:6

Dear Friends,

Spring has arrived and instead of seeing pockets of blooming flowers, we see Big Top tents on the grounds. The Lord’s Boot Camps are just around the corner and preparations are in full swing. We have begun our 1,000 hours of prayer and pray 24/7 until Boot Camp begins. If you would like to join us, please email for a list of prayer requests.

BOOT CAMP Boot Camp is always a busy time for us. Tom is traditionally “Mr. OC” and coordinates the morning Obstacle Course (OC) that the teams run each day. In addition, he helps with video and computer needs. I teach classes, coordinate the Preteen program, teach outdoor cooking and do whatever needs to be done with AOSC and MSSM. We covet your prayers!

CAMEROON This summer we will be leading a team of North American young people to our beloved Cameroon. We are heading up the first “eyeglass/medical” team that Teen Missions has sent out. During Boot Camp our team will be trained in how to screen people to be fitted with reading glasses. We will journey to three Rescue Unit locations to hold the eyeglass clinics, teach phonics and assist the Rescue Unit facilitators with their daily medical patients. The team will have ample opportunities to share the Gospel through puppets, drama, music and testimonies. What a privilege and blessing this ministry will be to the people of Cameroon! Our national staff are already excited and counting the days to our arrival. We have a full team this year—at this writing there are 32 of us in total. We covet your prayers for safety, good health and for a ministry that will impact lives for the sake of eternity. More than providing an opportunity to minister to the physical needs, we are trusting that spiritual eyes will be opened.

The team will travel back to the States around August 2nd. Tom and I will stay behind for about four weeks. During that time, we will host the national Debrief and BMW graduation, hold staff meetings, meet with the Rescue Unit facilitators as well as make visits to the Units, meet with the MSSM Circuit Riders as well as visit the Sunday school locations, meet with our national board members and work on the base finances.

MADAGASCAR From Cameroon, we will fly to Madagascar for five weeks. While in Madagascar, we will train Circuit Riders for 12 more Sunday schools in the Northern part of the country, as well as visit the villages where the Sunday Schools will be placed. Yahoo, Motorcycle Papa and Mama are on the loose again! The Circuits we set up in January were in the South. We will also be helping at the base and assisting in the purchase of 15 motorcycles for future North American Teams. We will be arriving back in the States around October 15th, after a three-four day visit to our base in South Africa.

Although the schedule sounds busy, and at times it will be, we love our time in Africa. We will have opportunities for fellowship with the national staff, moments of loving and spoiling the staff children and time to enjoy each other. We do appreciate prayer for safety, good health and wisdom in our encounters with those we come into contact with. It is a wonderful privilege for us to encourage and spur on our national staff in these three countries.

THE NEWS THAT ROCKS THE WORLD We are incredibly proud to announce that our wonderful son, Tom, and his dear sweet wife, Deena, are expecting our FIRST grandchild! We are gonna be GRANDPARENTS!!!! We are so excited!! Perhaps I need to start shopping now for a little leather motorcycle jacket. Deena is due in mid September. We covet your prayers for a healthy baby and safe delivery.

REST OF THE OFFSPRING Kalah loves teaching and Lord willing will be working at an area daycare during the summer months. Zach did well with his first semester of college and has learned to balance the job and school. Daniel is still working as a pool cleaner and enjoys life. All three are happy for Tom and Deena and trying to arrange schedules so they can visit their new nephew/niece sometime in the fall.

DEPUTATION We have not had the opportunity to be home for deputation in over two years. We are planning, Lord willing, to be traveling for three weeks in November. We will spend time with our supporting churches, individual supporters, family and our new grandbaby. If you are interested in meeting with us, please email or phone us and we would be happy to see if we can schedule a time to bring you up to date on our ministry.

OUR SUPPORT TEAM We cannot express enough how much we appreciate you who are so faithful in your giving and your prayers. What a blessing you are! Together, we are making an impact for eternity, one life at a time. Be blessed!!

Praise: – Tom’s hearing aids have made a big difference in his life. Thank you again to all who gave toward this blessing.

Prayer Requests: – Effective ministry this summer with our North American Team – Safe delivery and healthy baby for Tom and Deena – Safety and good health while we are in Africa – 212 MSSM Sunday schools by 12/12/12 – Consistent and faithful prayer and financial support

Because He Lives,

Tom and Linda Maher


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