Early Boot Camp has Arrived

Team India moves into their tent site on arrival day

Team India moves into their tent site on arrival day

Teens from across the United States and Canada arrived at the Lords Boot Camp in Merritt Island Florida for the summer of a lifetime. The Early Boot Camp mission trips are scheduled to depart after training to Cambodia, Ireland, India, Germany, Russia, South Sudan, Madagascar, Malawi, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe. Pray for theses teams as they begin their amazing journey!



  1. Thanks Beth. Sorry for being like a tent mosquito!

  2. Last year you had a scanned copy ( I think) of the color fold out Boot Camp team schedule. I saved a copy of it on my desktop and was able to refer to it for items like rally speakers, builders schedule etc. Also has teams class / duty schedules for each day.

  3. Beth, Is there an Early Boot Camp schedule online? Next question, will you be posting one for Super BC? We like to pray for the team members (and 2 in particular) as they do their tasks during the day. THANKS and VERY nice to have met you and ALL the staff last week!

  4. My daughter Kalin Taylor is going on 12003…Zimbabwe Africa. I also tried viewing the evening rally, but had difficulty. I am not so tech savvy. Any help to view the video and see some pics would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  5. Where do I go on FB to see the pictures of early bootcamp? Can’t seem to find them.

    • Rebecca, Go our our website (www.teenmissions.org) and scroll down and to the left, “like” FB and it will take you there.

  6. I can’t find the pics on the facebook page! I cant see anything but the one page at fb. No albums. ?? What am I missing? I am on the Teen Missions International page. And I have ‘Liked’ it. Help.

  7. Yes, Beth I understand that there is no computer usage. It’s just that Susan posted that she was seeing pics and I just wondered where she was seeing pictures. Thank you Hazel Clyde for directing me to FB.

    • Jenny, Forgive me as I am getting old and didn’t totally understand your post. We have had those who though the kids had access to computers to read this forum. Enjoy the pictures and also note that the rallies are being on every night and can be accessed through our web site.

  8. The pictures that I am seeing are on Facebook. There are almost 600 that have been posted in the Teen Missions Early Bootcamp Album. Hope that helps.

  9. Deanna and Susan, I also only see one picture. Are there others?

    • Jenny, The team members do not have access to a computer during their involvement. We are posting as many pictures as we can. The photographers have other responsibilities including their own teams which is their first priority. Keep watching!

  10. I am so pleased with how all the young people are doing. I have two teens that are there right now and their brother will be coming next week. Love to see all the pictures! Thank you for all your hard work.

  11. Susan,

    Where are you seeing all these pictures that you mentioned?

    I only see the one of the group that says early bootcamp has arrived.

  12. Thank you so much for posting so many pics! It has really been great to see my baby throughout her day! I am so relieved to see such a big smile on her face…lol. THANK YOU ALL!!

  13. Gabe, U look so happy. Can’t wait 2 c more pictures.

  14. Is this a place that we can get updates on what the team is doing? While on base and on the field?

  15. I’d love to see more pictures!

    • Jenny, We will post what we can. We do not have the staff to have someone take pictures full time. Most have to juggle their staff responsibilities, team responsibilities and other responsibilities (cleaning bathrooms, security, etc.), so everyone is stretched thin. Our priority is your children!

  16. Thanks for the post! You totally made my night seeing my son…and so happy!

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