New Zealand Earthquake Relief 12009

Team New Zealand is getting to know each other as well as it’s leaders. The team is bonding well and is truly becoming a “team”. We have been introduced to the Obstacle Course (OC), block laying, puppets and other classes which are preparing us for our summer in New Zealand.

The first few days here at Boot Camp were very wet as it rained both day and night. The past two days we have been blessed with atypical Florida June weather—sunny, breezy and even cool temperatures.

Please continue to pray for us during our Boot Camp training—that we will be open to all He has to teach us and that we will continue to bond as a team. Please pray for health and safety for us and for those with blisters.


Erin Fisher – Boot Camp is hot and sticky and sweaty and buggy. This camp is not for someone who complains 24/7. This team will shoot them. For me, I love it here. I love getting to know my team. I love the OC and pretty much everything else. Devotions are really fun and I feel like I am getting closer to God and that is what I was hoping for!


Spencer Oliver – Physically and mentally, Boot Camp has been some of the hardest, most demanding, toughest and roughest days of my life. The OC is very challenging and working out every muscle in 30 minutes. KP is demanding in trying to keep everyone happy and Miss Piggy keeps you humble. If you want a real attitude check, then this is the camp for you. However, spiritually, these have been the best days. The Lord has really opened my eyes and having daily private devotions is really helpful. The sermons and worship in the rallies have really moved me in a powerful way!



  1. I live in Timaru two hours south of Chirstchurch, my youth group and I traveled up to meet this team as some of us are interested in teen missions. Listening and just talking to the group was great! They have inspired me to start working towards raising money to go on a mission next year. They are doing a great job in Chirstchurch doing the Lord’s works 🙂 thanks guys 😀

  2. Roberta D'Amico

    I got a glimpse of my granddaughter, Brianna Blanchard, at the Rally last night. Good to see you, Bri! This modern technology is awesome, just to be able to see the kids, in Florida. I am praying for them, that they will keep trusting Jesus for everything.

  3. It’ so good to see the videos and read the update. I can see how my daughter is doing and that she’s not wearing her retainer. 🙂

    It is a great comfort to see your child relaxed and enjoying the company of her team.

  4. Thanks so much for the update. I have a daughter on the New Zealand team. Have been praying for her and for everyone for learning, toughening up, and getting prepared for New Zealand! Appreciate the posts and pictures on facebook.

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