12001 – Malawi Guitar


All is well at The Lord’s Boot Camp. Thursday through Sunday evening, there was a lot of rain, so it was challenging to get settled in. The rain has cleared (until last night) and we are getting settled into a routine. Besides a few SBs (Special Blessings) for forgetting water bottles and a couple of blisters, the team is doing very, very well.

We started our guitar training yesterday with a workshop in tuning guitars and changing the strings. We have also had classes in music, drama and phonics.

When it comes to the Obstacle Course (OC), we have had a slow start. However, things are improving and we are learning to work together as a team.

Carli Bennett – Since I have been at Boot Camp, I have realized that there is no way I can do this on my own. I have had head knowledge of that, but now it is beginning to move into my heart. Yeah, it is hard, and at times, I just want to bawl, but God is for me. All things are possible, even Boot Camp. I can’t wait to grow and learn even more. Seeing as it has only been three days, God’s gonna do some awesome things!

Nathan Clyde – Boot Camp is helping me see through the eyes of a missionary. The speakers really challenge me to live out my faith. The Obstacle Course make us work like a team.

Tabitha Bisel – Boot Camp is exhausting and awesome! I already want to come back next year!



  1. Yeah team! God’s team is always the greatest! Tabitha Bisel, remember God is for you so none can stand against you as you go in His name. Love and Blessings to all. Grandpa L.

  2. Jean and Kenneth Bennett

    We are so thankful for all the teens who are working for the Lord
    especially Carli Bennett our granddaughter.Love and prayers!!!!!

  3. Press on Team Malawi! God has called each of you to this team and to this mission. How exciting! I, and so many, are praying for this journey and mission. And the many lives you are to touch. And your lives. God will be honored and glorified in and through you and the team.
    Carli- you are His tool. His strength is yours in your weakness. And only in your weakness can you even discover that. How glorious.

  4. Christine Bales

    I am so proud of Nathan & Cassidy Clyde & all of the teens in Teen Missions!!

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