Cambodia – 12002


Our team members began arriving at 10 AM on Friday. Arrival Day was a rainy day. Larissa, Leah and Elsie Anne were the first ones to move into their tents. When the arrived at the tent site, they found the tarps had blown away in the storm and there was a lot of water inside the tents. They were able to soak up most of the water with sponges and filled a bucket full of water (see our photos on What a welcome to Boot Camp!

Everyone on our team was here by midnight on Friday, so Saturday, after registration and getting settled in our tents, we went do to the lake to go swimming before the orientation classes began at 3 PM.

It has rained a few more times and we have had to eat under the Big Top for a few meals due to the rain, but it has dried up the last couple of days and the weather has been great. There was a thunder storm last night with a lot of rain.

We have run the Obstacle Course (OC) three times now. Our team is running with the Russia team, and we call ourselves “Crussia”. On Monday, we were the only team to finish the OC without disqualifying. So we got first place and were able to put our team flags up on the flag pole during “Rapture Practice” on Tuesday. The most we have been able to get over the wall is six team members. Our goal is to get everyone over before the end of Boot Camp.

Everyone on the team seems to be doing really good. They are enjoying the classes, especially drama with Peter Nkutu. They are learning new skills in blocklaying and we have a good group that can sing really well together. Sharaya is our drummer.

Curt and Pete have become good friends and the girls have adopted them as their little brother for the summer. They are so much fun to be with and keep us entertained. Our team has so much joy and really do enjoy spending time together. Victoria is our encourager, always smiling and never complaining.

Sharaya Lafortune – I like the food, and the mosquitos are attacking me left and right, forward, behind and from above. I enjoyed swimming and going on the rope swings. Overall it has been a good time.


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  1. It’s always such a blessing to get the updates. Thank you so much for adding this to your program!!!!! Much Love to you all at TMI.

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