Southern Sudan – 12005


The Southern Sudan team has all arrived and started their training at The Lord’s Boot Camp. There are 12 team members from all over the United States, from Arizona to Minnesota, from California to New Jersey. Our lone Canadian is one of our leaders.

After two days of ran, the weather has cleared and there have been three sunny and warm (NOT HOT) days. The cool nights have enabled all of us to sleep well. There was a tremendous thunder storm last night which brought the rain back. More mosquitoes…

Our primary project in Southern Sudan will be to construct a building for a Teen Missions base in Yei, Southern Sudan. The team has already had classes on building layout, block laying and steel tying. Digging, carpentry, and trusses will be the subject of upcoming classes. The construction training will continue until the team leaves Boot Camp. We are also having classes in music, puppets and drama along with personal evangelism.

The highlight of our day is the evening rallies. We all enjoy getting together with the other teams and worshipping the Lord through music and hearing the Word of God.

Charity Metzger – So far at Boot Camp, I have been having a lot of fun! All of my fellow team members are really nice and amazing! I love doing the Obstacle Course every morning with them. Each day, we have been getting better and better at ti. Also, the speakers’ messages have been great. They have encouraged me to be more bold and have shown me the huge need for missions around the world!



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