Russia Sports 12010

Greetings from The Lord’s Boot Camp where the sun is shining and the mosquitoes are bussing. The Russia team is quickly falling into the routine of Boot Camp. After orientation, classes began to prepare us for our ministry in Russia. The team really enjoys drama class and we are eager to use this tool to minister to the youth in Russia. We have also had classes in digging and steel-tying.

Already this team is working well together and are excited for whatever project is before us. The team has developed a burden for the project in Russia and are already lifting it up in prayer daily. We were excited to discover that two of our team members speak Russian. One was a missionary kid there for six years and the other has Russian parents.

Although we are a small team, only eight members, we have teamed up with the Cambodia team to run the Obstacle Course (OC) every morning. We enjoy bonding with them in order to accomplish a goal.

The remainder of this week, we are anticipating classes in Advanced Evangelism and carpentry among other classes.

Thank you for your prayers and support for the ministry that the Lord has in store for us in Russia. We pray that we, as a team, will grow closer to the Lord and as a team. Please pray that the Lord will use us in amazing ways this summer!

Hannah Summy – I knew way before I reached Boot Camp that only God would be able to get me through it. I was ready to fully rely on Him. But then I was driven through The Lord’s Boot Camp gate and stepped out of the car and all my plans went out the window. However, over time and through blisters, mosquitoes and the heat, God has led me back to Him through wonderful leaders, great team members and a series of events. I am again God’s child.

Levi Mosby – I have always heard, but not understood completely, the need for missions. Hearing all of the stories from veteran leaders and former team members about their experiences in third-world countries, and even America and the first-world countries, God has given me more of a heart for missions.




  1. Brenda and Larry Fast

    Hi, Russia Sports Team! Don’t you guys just love the swamplands of Florida? (I was born not very far from Merritt Island MANY years ago!) I know that the mosquitoes are probably driving you crazy; I know that the OC can be a pain; and I know that trying to wring out soggy, bucket-washed laundry seems almost impossible. BUT, I also know that God can use the TMI experience to change each one of you from the inside out.

    So hang in there, know that God is with you every step of the way, and that nothing, absolutely nothing can separate you from the love of God which is is Christ Jesus our Lord.

    Brenda and Larry Fast

  2. Mrs. Danette Olday

    Levi…. Grandpa and I are so proud of you and hope the wet rainy weather hasn’t dampened your spirits. We know you will help to make your misson in Russia a complete success. Our hearts are with you every moment. We can’t wait to hear all about Russia and your experiences there. Sending a big hug and love for you and all your team, Grandma Olday

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