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We are at the Lord’s Boot Camp in Merritt Island, Florida. Though it rained for several days last week, yesterday and today are pretty and sunny and the temperature is in the low 90’s. We had orientation on Saturday and Sunday. The team was able to attend the BMW graduation on Sunday morning. We had KP on Saturday. The team is getting acquainted with the Obstacle Course (OC), which is helping them to learn to work together as a team.

Some of the team is struggling with the heat, humidity, blisters, rashes, and mosquito bites. Some are also dealing with homesickness, and that is getting better every day.

The team bonded quickly. They have been encouraging each other, praying for one another, working together doing their laundry and setting up tents, singing together during their free time and sharing ideas with one another.

We got the “Pig” award (dirtiest tent site) on Sunday, so we had to clean the bathrooms. On Monday, we got the “Cleanliness” award and got to swim in the pool during our free time on Tuesday.

The team has had classes in Personal Evangelism, Music, Puppets, Block Laying, Steel Tying and Layout. It has been exciting to see how the Lord is working in the lives of the team members already.

Alex Wood – Life at Boot Camp has been easier since God is helping me to be able to relate to my teammates easier. I feel like God has helped me and my team to relate and come together as a team.

Victoria Contour – When I first arrived at The Lord’s Boot Camp, the first thing I thought was, “Wow, it’s REALLY hot and humid!” That first night, I could not go to sleep at all. I was woken up way too early and we had KP duty the first day. Everything was going fine until the Obstacle Course (OC). I didn’t like the OC at all! Then one day, the Lord spoke to me and told me that everything was OK and I would get through this and love it. That changed my whole outlook on Boot Camp. I feel happier in my spirit now. The feel closer to God and His Word. The Lord has changed me and will continue to change me throughout Boot Camp and my work project.


  1. What a blessing to hear how the Germany team is bonding so quickly. I am praying for this team daily! Great to read a quote from my son. Send my love to Alex 🙂 God Bless!

  2. This program is so inspiring! I admire each individual teen for stepping out of his\her comfort zone and going full thrust with faith leading the way. As well as the leaders in which encourage them along the way.

  3. Hang in there guys….i went to uganda with tmi about three yrs ago and i thought it was the worst thing ever but God got me through and because of the tmi boot camp i realized Godll help me through tough times and guess im a United States Marine because of the experience i had at tmi. This boot camp seems hard now but once you get through it it wont seem nearly as bad. Ntw….youll like the oc after a few funs through…the slough of despond is my personal fav.

    Lance Corporal Talbert

  4. I went to Germany in 95 and my husband and I went to Germany as leaders in 97. I will be keeping you all in my prayers. I love that I was able to view your facebook message, it brings back memories and reminds me to keep you prayer. Germany is an awesome country that really needs to hear the good news of Jesus’ love and forgiveness.

    Blessings on you all,
    Tama Shepard

  5. This has brought back a flood of memories for me as I went to Jamaica 29 years ago!!! I look back and remember the BEST summer of my life. It will be yours too, no doubt. Use this time to draw close to God, because He will teach you so much if you are willing to learn.

    Blessings on your whole team,

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